Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Priorities and check in

9:00 PM and literally the first moment I have had to update for the day. But here I am!

I am feeling super overwhelmed with work. My co-worker being out has seriously thrown me for a loop. When I left for the day, I had just gone through 15 voice mails. Every time I answered the phone, the other line rang, and someone was standing over my shoulder needing me... I almost cried at one point.

The thing is about this job - I work with patients. A lot of them are very sick. Some have cancer. They are ALL a priority, so "prioritizing" is extremely difficult. *sigh* Ok, breathing, and moving on.

Eats for today:
Click and soy
Morningstar Sausage, 2 tbs PB
Large salad, with home made dressing, olives, almonds, craisins... delish
1/2 sweet potato, 3 oz seasons turkey breast, 2 oz red. fat cheese, salsa
Click and soy
Totals for today: 1422

Exercise - DEATH BY WORKOUT. I'm not kidding, that's what it was called. Christa at Tuff Girl has the cutest little names for the workouts over there. (note the sarcasm). For real, it was incredibly intense. I almost threw up, and I almost cried. But I did it. I made it. I never gave up. PLUS - I am closer than ever to doing a real pull-up. Put THAT in your pipe and SMOKE it! (please note, I am not actually encouraging anyone to smoke anything. It is merely and expression)

Now, I am going to take a long, hot shower and crawl into bed. I will then pray earnestly to God to make these next 2 days go quickly without crying or hyperventilating.


  1. Hi- Just found your blog :) It's nice to see what others are eating a few years out from surgery. Looking forward to your journey!


  2. Hey Marisa! Thanks for following!!