Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sickies and such

I loved the responses I got from the question posed at the end of my last entry  - what is your relationship like with the scale. The responses were a mirror of myself. Crys from Bigger than my Body (Who is recovering from Gastric Bypass - go give her some love!) hit the nail on the head when she says she is on the scale after every time she pees when it's being good to her, and it's under the bathroom sink when it's not telling her what she wants to see. I totally hear that!

I also love the attitude of Joy (who is my HERO and just ran a half marathon! WOOT!) who says regardless of what the scale displays, she just keeps pushing through! She is basing her success on the fit of her clothes and how she feels. Go figure!

So, I'm sorry that, yet again, I have not updated in a hot minute... it's been hectic. Sick husband, sick kids, and now I'm coming down with whatever it is too - 2 days before a performance. No Bueno! Prayers are really appreciated that I can hold on through Friday night!

I have had my slips, but I have to keep moving forward, one decision, one choice at a time. If I start to dwell, it will lead to days/weeks of binging/eating poorly. Move on, move on...

I am also struggling to not revert into "what if's" - you know, those pesky thoughts that start to crop up - "What if you had just had enough willpower to not slip up so much? You would be to your goal weight by now!" Thoughts like this begin to prevade me - they then move to the negative self talk that drives me into the sugar and into my solitude. Hiding the from the world with ice cream container in one hand, spoon in the other...

SO - The "what if's" have to GO! Out, damn spot!

This leads me to the weekend - now, peeps, I need your help. Weekends are super hard. I'm not sure what else to do to get through them without some kind of slip. Anyone else out there have trouble on the weekends? How do you deal? Suggestions?

That's all Ihave for the moment, because frankly, I am wiped out. I may try to go home early...

Later peeps...


  1. Sending you lots of prayers!! Hope you feel better soon, and hope everyone in the home feels better soon. Sharing germs in no fun!! :(

    And I agree... NO MORE what ifs!!! Not worth it!!

  2. Weekends are my absolute WORST. All I can do is try to make sure I'm busy all the time so I burn off the extra calories, haha. :)

  3. Weekends are hard for me too. Like Rae Rae said staying busy works for me. If I plan ahead with the food then it works out better too