Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My countdown to Rugged Maniac is on hold, (Blog title-wise, only) because I have another countdown to concentrate on.

In my 12 Step program, I have committed to 90 meetings in 90 days. It's a pretty big undertaking. But, I will do it. This will be day 4, but I am only actually counting the days that meetings have already occured, thus, so far, I have attended 3 of my 90.

There's LOTS of countdowns I could put in there - like the one till the end of school!

I have 3 more exams in the next 6 days. All finals. All stressful. But then, oh rapture, school will be done for the summer.

I am SO happy I decided to give myself the summer off of classes!

Another nice note on school: I've been asked to join the honor society Phi Theta Kappa. I've NEVER been an honors student, or on the Dean's List before I came back to school, and now I am both. I was never "smart enough" for that. And yet, here I am. :-)

Alrighty, the menu for today is pretty much the same as yesterday. Yes, I am a creature of habit. Especially when it comes to food. I am eating what I enjoy, what is good for me, and what does NOT feed my addiction.

Click Protein Coffee. (That's right, Day 2 Starbucks Free!)
2 Morningstar sausage, 2 tbs natural PB
1/2 sweet potato, 3 oz ground chicken breast with mexican spices and salsa, 2 oz 75% reduced fat cheese
2 more oz of same cheese, 1 oz almonds
Dinner will be a big salad once I get home from class. All measured and weighed.

Been a little lax on the exercise front... I'm still very active, but the past few days I have not done anything "hardcore". Yet another reason I can't wait till classes are done - so much time in the evenings to workout!

So, all in all, I am here. I am working my personal program one step at a time (sometimes one teeny, tiny step!) and I will never, ever, ever give up.