Monday, May 21, 2012

Upping my game

Guys, for REAL my Rugged Maniac is only 4 months away. I had a dream on Saturday night that I was there and I was so far behind everyone, that I had to ask someone if they would cut me off, because I was taking so long. Excpet in the dream, there was a written test - I have a feeling that's not exactly true!

So, that all being said, I am upping my fitness game. I have been Sah-Lack-Ing! So, this is the fitness plan:

Weights/bootcamp 3 days per week - 2 with Tuff Girl, 1 home or at the gym
Cardio 2 days per week - both home, or at the gym

So, I keep forgetting I have a gym membership. I know. Lame. But it's to Planet Fitness, and frankly I only joined so I would have a place to run over the winter and I hardly went because I just chose to run outside. Oh, that, and 'cause it was cheap. I miss my other gym, where I had spinning, and zumba, weight classes and childcare... *sigh*...

I also feel odd going to the gym and going into the free weights section. It's ususally filled with muscley guys and I feel awkward. I have to get over this... or, I can use the machines, I guess... I dunno. I would love to just stay home and do it, but that would mean going out and buying much heavier weights... I only have up to 10 lbs, and even on my lightested weight exercise, I am doing at LEAST 15! Tonight, I am going to look around the house for some substitutes to use for the heavier weight exercises.

Damn. I'm tired just re-reading that... lol. I'm still fighting the cold, so I know that is playing a factor. I felt so horrible, that I cancelled my last Wednesday AND Saturday Tuff Girl workout. I mean, UNHEARD of. Seriously. But I knew there would be no way I could really bring it. I'll be back there this coming Wednesday, back into the routine.

Food front: I am going to keep it as clean as possible. I am cutting down on, but NOT cutting out, reduced fat cheese. Besides cheese, I'm not really doing any dairy except for a little greek yogurt. Veggies, fruits, good fats, lean proteins...

Ok, well, there is the plan. I hope my cold doesn't get in the way of a good strength session tonight...

Later, peeps!

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