Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday update

Saturday, Saturday. Started the day off with a kick ass Tuff Girl workout - The Down and Dirty Mud Run Workout. Rope climbs, bear crawls, pull ups, burpees with obstacle, body drags, dead lifts... and more! I know I have conquered a workout when at one point (at least) I think I won't be able to finish, and I do anyway, when I am dizzy at least once, and when I am seconds from collapse. Sounds like Hell, right? Nope, it's just Tuff Girl!

So, eats last night changed slightly. In the evening, after doing some kickboxing, I had my apple with 1 tbs of PB, and later had a 1.5 oz of 75%reduced fat cheese... I was SO hungry.
So I ended the day at just under 1600 calories, and I estimate I burned about 250-300 in my 45 minute kick-ass kickboxing.

Eats for today: Well, it's SO humid here today, that all I can think about is cold things!

Pre workout: 1 serving Click protein powder, 8 oz light soy, 8 oz water, LOTS of ice
B: 2 morningstar sausage patties, 2 tbs PB and 1 med apple
S: 2 oz red fat cheese
L: 2 cups chopped veggies, 2 pieces falafel, 2 tbs homemade dressing, 10 green olives, 1 oz almonds, 1 tbs craisins
S: Click shake (as above)
D: Unknown! We REALLY need to go to the grocery store!

So, so far today (Including the up-coming Click snack) I am up to 1100 calories. Because of the
incredibly intense workout, I know I will be upwards of 1600-1800 calories today. According to Livestrong, my bootcamp workout burned 600 calories. I don't normally trust those generic numbers. but damn, I think I was close!

Oh, and did I mention I dead-lifted 135 lbs this morning? Cause I DID!! :-D

Ok, that's is for now - family time!

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