Friday, May 25, 2012

Putting it out there

So, a while ago I wrote a post about being nervous to kinda put everything "out there" because of fear of judgement. Well, I've decided to bypass the worry and just do it.

As much as I am able, I will post what I am eating for the day (the good, the bad, the indifferent) and what activity I am doing. This is mostly for me, of course (cause, we are blogging for ourselves, right??) But hey, you never know - you might get a good idea about a quick work lunch, or be able to give me suggestions on something!

You can see I've got some new goals. They are over to the right --------------------->

My first goal is to get to 199. Under 200 lbs. I should have been there a year ago. But "should's" aren't going to help now. So, I will pursue one goal at a time.

I got on the scale this morning (ouch). 211. I thought I was around 205. So, goal #1 might take a little longer, but for now, I am keeping the date the same.

OK, on to eats today:

1 grande soy skinny Mocha - I've actually been good at staying away, but yesterday was payday, so I splurged.
B: 2 morningstar veggie sausages, 2 tbs natural peanut butter
S: 1 serving Click protein powder, 8 oz light, unsweetened soy milk, 8 oz water, lots of ice
L: 1 Mission Carb Balance tortilla, 2 tbs hummus, 1 serving Republic One Falafel, lots of lettuce, tomato, and red peppers
S: 1/5 oz Cabot 75 % red. fat cheese, 1 med banana
D: Dinner salad, lots of chopped veggies (about 2 cups), banana peppers, 1 oz red fat cheese, 10 green olives, 1 oz almonds, 1 tbs craisins, 2 tbs homemade good seasons dressing (less oil recipe)
S: (if hungry) apple, chopped and nuked

According to Livestrong, all of this is approx 1300 calories for the day.

Tonight will be cardio, since tomorrow will be a Tuff Girl workout with heavy weights AND cardio.
So, it's either going to be this:

OR This:

Both of these amazing workouts are found on the FIT2FLEX website - I LOVE this blog, and the workouts are amazing!

Not sure how many calories this will burn, but I am leaving a little room for 1/2 deli flat and 1 tbs PB later tonight if my stomach starts eating itself.

This is a problem - I really, really, really, want a great heartrate monitor that will help me keep track of things like this. I don't want to drop a chunk of change on something I'm not going to love. Any suggestions?? I have the fitbit, and it's *ok* - but for stuff like this, it does NOT track accurately!

Ok, I think I have bored you long enough! I may be back (insert evil laugh. I'm not sure why, it just seems appropriate)

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  1. Great workout ideas - Im going to go check out that blog thanks!