Friday, May 18, 2012

Come to the Cabaret....

Thank you all once again for  responding to my last post - it's so nice to know you are all out there! :-)

I was home sick yesterday, exhausted, throat sore, chest throbbing, body aching. Ugh. I'm at work today, but probably not for the whole day.

I missed a meeting Wednesday night. I was in bed by 7, fevered and awful. I am sad about it - but what can you do? Progress, not perfection. So, I guess I am striving for 89/90...

Oh yes, one other thing I did yesterday was pray to God that I would be able to sing tonight. We have been working on this cabaret concert for FAR too long. We have had WAY too many conflicts, and it is finally here. I just prayed that I could get through and give a good performance, even if it means falling over for the rest of the weekend. For anyone interested, the cabaret is a review of Tony Award winning shows. It's going to be great - Classics to contemporary, we have it all!

This show is close to me right now for another reason, as well. I think it may be one of the last times I will perform. I am still the VP for the Board of Directors and co-founder for the company, and that won't change. But I think I will be pretty strictly in "producer" land from now on. Doing it all is too much, especially with a hubby that is the president, and his primary love is performing. Both of us performing doesn't work - rehearsals, performances, etc... with 2 kids? Who will need sitters for all of those rehearsals and performances? And me, in classes? It just doesn't work. I want to be spending MORE time with my boys, NOT less!!

I have spent much of my life performing, and giving it up is not something I do lightly. But it simply must be done.

Sorry, I know non of this is directly weight-loss related. But really, weight-loss/Healthy Lifestyle/Battling addiction... it's all intertwined with the rest of our lives. They all effect each other.

So, I think the Good Lord heard my fervent prayers, and I feel like I will be able to sing tonight. I have NO idea how I will feel after, but that is neither here nor there. Tonight is the focus.

Stay Strong, peeps!

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