Sunday, May 27, 2012

Super Duper fast check in -
VERY sore from yesterdays workout. Totally worth it. I jammed my ankle in an unfortunate burpee accident, and it's sore, but nothing crazy.
I don't have anything official on the exercise agenda today, but I think once the sun starts to go down I might go for a little jog/walk
Eats today:
Click protein shake with 1 cup light organic unsweetened soy, 1 cup water, lots of ice
1 oz almonds, 1 oz cabot 75% reduced fat cheese
1 veggie burger, 1/3 hamburger bun, .5 oz american cheese, 1/4 cup cole slaw, one all fruit frozen bar (very good! Only 80 cals!) (this is the best I could do at the picnic we went to!)
2 oz 75% red fat cabot cheese, 1 oz almonds
Dinner, I think, is going to be made-at-home Mexican. Using ground turkey breast, home made seasoning, spicy salsa, reduced fat cheese, Greek yogurt, and high fiber wrap - OR maybe even on a salad! Oohh! I think we have a winner!
I have not put my food in Livestrong yet. Will do that later and report back.
Although I wouldn't call this weekend clean eating at all, it's SO much better than binging and compulsively eating. I have the urge for sweets, especially in the heat, but I am doing well with staying away and I really feel good about the end result of the picnic lunch today (I had NO cake!)
Will be back later with a more introspective post on how things are. Right now, I am being run ragged by cranky, crazy, energetic 5 and 2 year old boys! ACK! I love my little minions!

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