Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Tuesday

Ok, blogging everyday has me hurtin' for catchy titles....

Happy Tuesday, peeps. So happy it is Tuesday, and not Monday. However, in my experience, "short" weeks ususally feel really "long". Hm. Time will tell.

I weighed myself this morning. 206.8 - down from 211. Is that fat lose? Hell no. It's prolly mostly water. But, I'm glad to have it off.

Non-weight stuff: I am without my co-worker this week. It's already a little hellish. I am now taking care of 5 nurses instead of my normal 2. My phone will not stop ringing. I feel a little buried.

But, I am blessed to have a job. I really DO know that!

Ok, now on to more important matters: My blog is boring. I need to do more with pictures and such, I think. Something I am going to ponder. I read blogs that post pics of their food daily... maybe that's an idea? But, do you really want to see the same thing over and over? LOL

Speaking of food, here is the plan for today:
coffee: Click andd soy
B: 2 morningstar sausages, 2 tbs PB
L: 3 oz seasoned turkey breast, 2 oz Sargento reduced fat cheese, 1 Mission carb balance tortilla, 1 med banana
S:(if needed) 2/3 cup kashi cereal, 1 oz almonds*
D: large dinner salad with all *my* fixins (measured and weighed, of course!) with 3 oz grilled chicken breast
S: (if needed) apple and PB

* So, this snack is interesting to me. People probably wouldn't think much of it - high fiber cereal, good fat and protein... however, cereal can be a hit-or-miss thing with me re: my compulsive overeating. It *can* be a trigger, but it's not *always* a trigger... so, when I say "if needed", I mean, I'm REALLY going to try not to eat it. Why did I pack it, you ask? Because when I was searching for a snack to pack last night, it was one of the first relativly good options I saw. I was trying not to spend too much time in the kitchen, because I was avoiding snacking last night!


In case you are wondering, I did NOT snack last night. I was hungry once I was in bed, but I just went to sleep. I held at a little over 1300 some-odd calories yesterday. Just right, I think. I have not yet put my food into Livestrong today, but I am expecting about the same cals as yesterday... maybe even a little less!

Exercise today... hmmm... I don't know what I am going to do yet. Maybe a walk? Some "active" recovery, I think, but we will see how much energy I have later... maybe some kickboxing :-)

I have to run, 'cause my lunch break is over. Later peeps!

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