Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Your neighbors will think you're crazy...

Well, strength trainging did not happen last night. I decided that things like deadlifts with 10 lbs bars are just not effective. SO, I did this cardio workout that I go from this awesome blog Fit2Flex. It's called the "My neighbors think I'm Crazy" Workout, found HERE
This is how it goes:

I did it 4x, and finished off the last leg with 20 pushups to start, and then did plank variations, 10 more pushups and fast jabs to end this bad boy. DAMN. I was WIPED! I did high-knees instead of sprints, because it was pouring outside and I was confined to indoors.

I even got my 5 year old in on the action. He was in it with me for the first 2 rounds... then he just started dancing around to the music I had on! He is ridiculously cute!

Food for today... I gotta get of the coffee! I am slowly removing caffeine. I've gotten rid of the diet soda during the day. It's really, really not good for you. I'm still having a little with dinner. Baby steps. :-)

My food plan today is woefully short on veggies, so I am going to up that at dinner tonight and do a dinner salad with 1/2 sweet potato... not sure on a protein yet. Gotta check the freezer.Also going to bake some kale tonight (which my kids love, too) and maybe cook up some homemade sauce.

Ok, gotta run... stay strong, peeps!

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  1. That workout sounds tough!

    How do you prepare your kale? Is is like the kale chips I've heard about? Thanks!