Monday, November 5, 2012


Getting back on track/staying back on track occasionally means more than one post from me a day.

Sorry 'bout that...

2 times today so far I have gone to a little corner of my building and run the stairs. I work in the basement, and the building has 4 floors. Lunch time I did the stairs, 2-by-2 as fast as I could up to the 4th floor, walked to the other end of the building, ran down 2 floors and back up 2-by-2 (not 2-by-2 down, or I would break my neck). I continued the pattern of running down 2 floors, back up (2-by-2) and then walk the length of the building. Repeat on the other stairs.

Luckily, most of the people in my building take the elevator, so I was not in anyones way, and no one was in my way.

Eating is on point. Still have 1/2 snack from the morning left over and my snack for this afternoon pending. Afternoon snack will wait till I am walking to school, to last me till I get home at 8:30.

I'm working. This fatty is not going down without a fight.



  1. You're already back on track, Kelliann; you've had the wake-up call, you've looked the number in the eye and you've recommitted, eliminated the junk, upped the activity (BE CAREFUL ON THE STAIRS!!!!) and forever starts today. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!

  2. Stop calling yourself fatty - you little twirp - or I'll have to send my Drazil minions after you until you only call yourself NICE names. Mkay? love love love.

    1. love love love to you... thanks for the kick. I need it sometimes. :-)