Friday, November 2, 2012

Muffin, anyone?

Sorry for my oh-so-sunny disposition yesterday. People have it a LOT worse than me in this storm - speaking of which, how are you doing over there ALLAN?? This guy lives right in New York, and no update from him has me a might worried...

We now have electricity. It's amazing what parking your kids in front of the TV for an hour and being able to take a hot shower will do for your outlook on things.

I had a HUGE wake-up call this morning. Getting dressed for work, I grabbed a pair of my normal work pants and attempted to "slip" them on. Well, I got them up, but could hardly button and zip them. Too uncomfortable to wear. Thinking maybe I had grabbed the wrong pair (I have a few smaller pairs I had been working shrinking into), I took them off and looked at the label.......................

14. Mother f*in' 14's. I had to put on 16's this morning. The ones that only a few weeks ago, were really too big to be wearing at all.

Apparently, too many days of comfy-pants wearing had me QUITE disillusioned. It's too damn easy. Too damn easy to gain, and so damn hard to lose. I look back at how hard I worked to get where I was, to throw at least 10 lbs of it away on a month of shit.

------------> Not me, but NOT CUTE. This is how I feel!

Needless to say, I am going to really get down to business. Now with power back, it will be easier. Junk is out of the house... yadda, yadda... blah, blah...

I've been playing phone-tag with a counselor. And it's really funny, but because of my schedule as it is, I actually don't have time (thus far) to even make an appointment with one. I don't have time to get help. That, in and of itself, is a problem.

I’m not much more upbeat than I was yesterday, so I’m not going to go on bitchin’. I hope you all out there are doing well. Happy Friday and all that…


  1. Allan updated. He lost everything, but he and his wife and dogs are safe. :(

    I'm having a slight issue with my jeans, too. Luckily, it scared the shit out of me and I'm seriously on track on-track. We'll be okay! We just need to cleanse the stress and crappy foods we ate from this horrendous storm out of our bodies. We CAN do it!

    1. Oh NO!!!! Poor Allan - holy crap!!
      We CAN do it, you are right. I have NOT come this far to screw up and go back to my old self. Neither have you!!! :-) Thanks for the support!

    2. Hellz no! Too many sacrifices and good choices have happened and we don't want to wreck it all. No downward spirals! Nope! We've got this!

  2. Glad you have electricity back! I hate when I have to go up a size ugh. I'm sure it's temporary!

  3. Hey!! I like muffins :P Though I do understand people don't want to have it. My girlfriend likes my stomach for example and I hate it. I wish I had a six pack so badly!!

    Have a good week!