Thursday, November 1, 2012

play nice, loser.

I suppose I should post something.

Hurricane Sandy came and went. We are still without electricity, but everyone is safe. Still sucks to be raising 2 small kids in the freaking dark.

I just found out (NOW) that Thing 2's daycare was opened yesterday and today. I had no idea. Yesterday, I had to take off ANOTHER day to stay home with them. Today, I practically had to BEG my in-laws to take them. And I didn't have to. I called and they said "Well, we called and left voicemails and put it on the news" - Um, I DON'T HAVE ELECTRICITY ASSHOLE.

So, I'm back in the mother f*ing hole for PTO at work. Awesome.

The stress, of course, is sky high. No power=no food in fridge=no cooking=eating shit. But then, I was eating shit before we lost power too, so it's not even an excuse.

But, although I still don't have power today, I packed the best I could, including:

1/2 cup dry oats, 1 banana, water and almond butter - cooked it in microwave at work.
2 Lara Bars
1 can of Amy's organic black bean chili. - A sodium BOMB
1 serving of Click Protein

My goal was to get in 64 oz of water and so far I am failing miserably.

I don't have a lot to write because over all, all I feel is angry. I have no outlet for it. I have to play nice girl on the phone with patients, play nice girl at school for a test I don't even know if I have, and nice f*ing girl at church choir practice tonight. When all I really want to do is smash my computer against a wall and walk out. No, not walk, RUN out and AWAY from here and everything.

So, once again, trying to eat like I should. Getting in my workouts. Same old, same old. Do great, screw up, struggle to get it going again... over and over like a damn hampster wheel. Such a loser.


  1. Oh, man! I'm so sorry! I hope it all gets back to normal soon for you and your family. :( This Sandy thing is just awful...awful!

    I'm sending positive vibes your way. And lots and lots of hugs. It doesn't do much, but...I am thinking of you and hoping you see the sunshine VERY soon.

  2. You are not a loser. What you guys are going through, I couldn't even imagine what I would do. Focus on getting through this - the diet and weight and all that will fall back into place. If I can do anything at all, just yell.

  3. :( Kelliann, I got nothin' for you. We were spared any real hurricane devastation and I can't imagine trying to deal with work & kids while the power is out. You know you are doing the best you can and the situation isn't in your control...but it will have an end and you will resume ass-kicking.