Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2 and Nerd Fitness

Day 2 of being on track, and I already feel better than I did yesterday. My only hiccup yesterday was a handful of peanuts and raisins I did not have on my plan. I'm over it. It wasn't a freakin' cookie, for crying out loud.

It's just about 12 noon and I am working on 80 oz of fluid down my gullet already. Shooting for 100 today. I peed alllll daaaaayyyyy loooonnngggg yesterday. Not complaining, because I know it means things are moving they way they should be. Today will be the same.

Eats for today look strikingly like yesterday. As in, exactly like yesterday. Go figure. My dinner last night was 1/2 sweet potato with 1/2 cup organic fat free refried beans and 1 oz 75% reduced fat cheese and super spicy salsa. It was great after a cold, cold day.

Cold here again today and we have a nor-eastern moving in. Originally supposed to hit as rain, now they are saying snow because it's been so cold and will continue to be. Winds are supposed to get high, and we have a high probability of losing power again. We live up on a hill, so we never have to worry about the terrible flooding that other poor souls are struggling with, but the winds are killer. I'm going to stop tonight, after voting, and get more of the Amy's Organic Vegetarian Chili. Although it's a sodium killer, the ingredients are good... all recognized as food. Go figure. This, obviously, will be just in case we lose another fridge and freezer of food. *sigh*...

Actually - scratch that. No funds for extra canned goods. Thursday=payday. Can't come soon enough!

I love and can't wait to do this workout from NERD FITNESS - how much do I love the idea of doing mock chin ups on your dining room table? Enough to try it and pray my table holds up. I'll have hubby's help, of course, holding on the other end so I don't end up with a table leg up my nose. Ew. This workout is happening tonight after math test, and voting.

Oh yeah, about that whole voting thing? You really should do it. If you don't, don't bitch about the outcome later, mkay?

Also, did I mention that Steve Kamb at NERD FITNESS is hot? Seriously. Go check him out. I'll wait. And don't tell my husband I said so...

That's all for now. Gonna go do some stairs to get my heart rate up a little. When I sit at my desk for too long, my body feels like a lump. Ugh.

Keep moving forward....

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  1. That's a great, no-excuses workout! Also dreading the nor'easter...we get a ton of wind where we live . It was 26 degrees when I woke up this AM and we had a snow squall yesterday. I have nothing to complain about with what so many people in NY, NJ, CT are still facing, of course...I just hate winter so much.