Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Feel the love

Feels like a Friday, but it’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. People are already starting to leave early from my office... I'll be staying till my normal 4:00 because I have almost no time off. The precious little time I DO have needs to be hoarded for either sick kids or for when my dear brother and family are in town over Christmas (praying for NO SICK KIDS)

Tomorrow's plans are loose at best. We are singing at church in the AM, and then going to my in-laws. We won't stay too long. Then it’s either home, and have my mom and aunt come over and hang out, or over to my moms. I really want to go for a hike, but with the kids, it’s impossible to do the kind of hike I really want – complete with actual climbing of rocks. Maybe this weekend, the boys will go to grandmas and pop-pops for a while and we can go.

Because I’m not sure what time we are expected at the in-laws, workout is not solid yet. I would love to get up and go to the gym first thing. They open at 7, and I have to be to church, clean, non-smelly and ready to sing at 8. So, morning is not going to work. I’m hoping I can go directly after church, and still have time to get home and shower before going to “Thanksgiving Lunch”. It’s certainly not dinner, because they want everything done early. I don’t hate it.

I hope everyone reading this takes some time tomorrow, and every day, to be thankful for what you have. Really look around and see how fortunate we all are. We really are.

Feel the love, be grateful, and stay away from pecan pie.

Love to you all


  1. Enjoy the holiday and spending time with your family, Kelliann!

  2. Have a great day, little sister!