Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 2, again

I expected to be much nastier today than I am, so I am grateful. Headache - check, but no nausea or anything worse. Hungry, but dealing.

Once again, I would LOVE some diet Dr. Pepper....
 yummm... ok, sorry...

Drinking 100 oz of water a day, my food today looks like this (and is strikingly similar to yesterday)

B: 1/2 cup dry oats, 1/2 banana, 2 tbs natural PB
S: 15 baby carrots, 2 tbs hummus, 1/2 banana
L: spaghetti squash bake (with lf. mozz on top)
S: 1 slice Ezekiel bread, 2 tbs natural PB
D: turkey breast meatloaf (no breading in it), sweet potato, steamed broccoli
S: ? not sure.

Hubby is being a trooper as well, headache and all. I was smart this time and I've been starting the day off with some caffeinated tea. It's really helped the headaches from being so crazy.

Alright - I have to tell you. I bought a BodyBugg (Dodging the dumbbell NORMA is throwing at my head)... I know, I know... but I am a total data GEEK. I admit is fully and unabashedly. I love to see the numbers, and it pushes me to do more, more, more. I want to see the calories burned climb, and I want to see my big fat deficit on the screen. I know these things aren't totally accurate, but if it pushes me to do more and helps keep me in check, why not?

So first thoughts are: It's a little uncomfortable, especially around my big fatty-d bat wings. But, I think I'll get used to it.

The online system is sucky. I'm hoping this is just because I am not used to it yet. What I really don't like is that it gives you a whole meal plan. Um, no. I don't want to eat the chicken with skin on it. I don't want to eat Parkay margarine, and I don't want to eat low-fat oreo cookies. They ask you a bunch of questions at the start to "determine your eating plan" but I don't think they really do anything with those answers. You HAVE to fill out the nutrition stuff to even get the band to start working. *sigh*

So, the first thing I did was go in, and start taking out all of the "recommended" foods for EACH DAMN DAY and replacing it with what I am actually eating. It's really tedious. PLUS they don't have Ezekiel bread - wha, what??
All that being said, I have to play with it some more to see if there are short cuts, and ways to add your own foods.

I'll keep you posted on how I think this thing is working. (And so everyone knows, I am NOT being paid for this, I did NOT receive this device in exchange for a review. I just paid for it with my own money. And if it sucks, well, at least I'll know. And then, you will know too.)

Tonight is Math and then home to hang with the kids. After they are in bed, I am determined to do a short workout... trying to get my hubby on that path too. I did stairs on my lunch and actually got my heart rate up a little. I'm glad no one is watching me do this. I must look like a moron.

 ---------> not me.

Overall, of course, I think that since I was such a rock star eating yesterday and today that my recently aquired15 lbs should magically be gone. Like, now. Not so much, but I DO feel less bloated and disgusting, so - score!

That's all from this side of bloggerland. Hope you are all doing well...

Keep trudging forward...

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  1. I heart your disclaimer about how you were not given the body monitor. ;) If it motivates you, that's great, Kelliann. But I worry that these devices lead people astray. I'd hate for to torture yourself in a week because it "says" you burned enough calories to = 3 lbs, but you only lose one pound and then you get frustrated. I also cannot believe it recommends shit foods like margarine and lowfat cookies; sounds like you're paying $120 for commercials. Just keep drinking your water, eating your protein & vegs and doing your killer workouts. Eyes on the prize!