Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beast Mode: ON

Last night at Bodyology I felt Epic.

Well, Ok, AFTER I LEFT Bodyology I felt Epic. While I was there I felt like I was going to DIE.

In review: During, I felt like:
  --------> THIS

After I felt like:
 -------------> THIS

The workout is called SHRED. It's a strength round with 1 min on, 15 sec off intervals, then it's a standard tabata round (but, can I say, there is nothing standard about tabata), then a DIFFERENT strength round, same timing, and a repeat of the same tabata.

By round 3, (the second strength round) if you don't want to quit, or die, you are not doing it right.
And man, oh man, I was doing it right.

I went for the heaviest weights I thought I could handle. 45lb for goblet squats and goblet lunges. 15lb for surrenders, 25lb each hand for dumbbell swings. Then we had things like burpee to pushup to row in there. No weight for my row just yet. I'm still struggling with form on a toe pushup.
We did Turkish get-ups, and I did that with a 15lb. Last time I did those (and it was a while ago) I wasn't using any weight at all! Although I wrote it all down in my progress notes, I can't remember any more right now!

The tabata rounds were killer. As a whole, this workout, was all mental for me. The body will keep going if the mind tells it to. So, I had to keep my mind right. I always have a fleeting thought of "Forget this, I can't..." but it's quickly replaced by the sound of my pounding breath as I am throwing myself into mountian climbers or jump squats.

I would never, EVER walk away from a workout once I'm in it. WTF kind of cop-out is that?

Eats... pretty standard for right now. I lied yesterday when I said spaghetti squash bake was gone. Had one more serving and it's all mine. Salsa chicken and butternut squash for the hubby.

Issues for tomorrow: Conference all day. NO idea what kind of food will be there. I am packing snacks, and I will eat breakfast in my car in the parking lot if I have to, but I am at the mercy of this meeting for lunch. Praying for salad greens... I will be all good as long as they have salad...

That's it for now peeps. As always,

Keep moving forward...


  1. Awesome workout! I'm addicted to winter veggies right now and really loving the squash. Hope the conference food works out for you today. Good luck:)

  2. Awesome! Tabatas suck. I need to remember what you said. That the mind controls the body not the other way around. Thanks for this!