Monday, November 12, 2012



If you don't get this reference, I am very sad for your lack of an adequate childhood. :-)

Alright folks. I am sick and tired of dickin' around. I am in challenge mode and it's ON BITCHES.

I'M GETTING MY SHIT TOGETHER. (I hear the collective voice of my blogger peeps saying "FINALLY!!")

I will not waiver. I will not sink back down into this dark pit I have FLUNG myself into. I WILL NOT.

Challenge Mode means the following:

NO sugar, NO artificial sugar, NO processed food.
1 serving of dairy
2-3 fruits
COPEOUS amounts of vegetables               
Beans and leguemes                                                                      
lean protein (breast meat and fish/shrimp)
healthy fats - in good amounts – will keep me sane.
Drinking water like it’s my JOB (at 56 oz already)

Logging it ALL. Every freaking morsel. Every last drop.

I will eat when I am hungry. I will NOT eat when I am NOT hungry. (Um, duh)

Lots of tea as well. I really find hot tea (this time of year) helps me when I am getting to a rough patch. I will have headaches; I will feel nauseous at some point. It’s because I am filled my body with total and utter shit and that shit makes a violent exit. It is what it is. By tomorrow at this point I will be feeling a LOT less like I want to do this, and by Wednesday I will be exhausted and feeling dreadful. Then Thursday will dawn and I will start to really feel better. Not just better, but DAMN GOOD. The way I am SUPPOSED TO FEEL. GO FIGURE.

Hubby is in, too. He’s feeling the same way I am. I look at him and I can see the weight gain in him and in me. It’s miserable.

Oh, and Thanksgiving next week? It really doesn’t faze me. I could care less about the food on Thanksgiving – have some turkey (breast) and some roasted sweet potatoes. Veggies galore and *POOF* - you are eating right along with the family with no worries. I hate pumpkin pie (sue me) and as long as there is some fruit hanging out with the desserts (and I will be SURE there is) Once again, no brainer.

I hop on blogger this morning and I am greeted by a myriad of blog posts. One was of which was this SEXY BEAST - who always has it ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. And also this incredible paleo/clean eating haul on JEANETTE's blog. How AMAZING does that look? Jeanette looks AMAZING to go right along with it!

Being active in this community has been an element in my NOT going back to 365. Everytime I screw up, backslide, whatever, I STILL come here to get the reality check. People GETTING IT DONE. Regardless of situation. YES, we all have our moments (except Norma, I don't think she ever has those moments!) but coming here and seeing whats-what gets me going again.

I've gained a lot of weight this time around. Almost 15 lbs. I've lost time. I could have been at goal.

Read me folks, I could have been at goal. But here I am, floating back up toward the dreaded “2” number. Fuck.


  1. See, unlike you, Kelliann, *I* am old enough to remember when Donkey Kong was an actual ARCADE GAME:
    And we saved up our quarters to play it... ;)

    I like your attitude, Little Sistah. The past is over; everything from this second on is the future. GO KILL IT!

  2. And, I haven't had a "moment," really, in a long time. But I know I will never be immune to them.

  3. Haha! I still say that all the time. :)
    Catching up on my blog reading, don't feel like you are alone girl - I'm up with you. I have moved to a liquid diet for breakfast and lunch, lol.
    Love ya - you got this.

  4. I'm up by 15 pounds too. We can both do this!

    I also remember the original Donkey Kong and had the honor of introducing my nine year old to it. i also instructed her in the proper use of the phrase "on like Donkey Kong". All the important things a mother should do.

  5. I'm loving the sounds of this post! Go girl!

  6. I was a super Mario Brothers and Zelda girl, myself. :-)