Monday, November 19, 2012

Drive-By Posting

This is sort of a drive by post. Any little moment of time I have free at work today, I am looking at my in-service presentation for my dietetics class today, or math for my test tomorrow. Ugh. I will be unbelievably grateful for the end of the semester.

WI results: down 5 bad-ass lbs from weigh in last week. Yes, that's what cleaning up your diet will do. 9 lbs to go till I'm back at previously mentioned lowest weight.

Will it be hard over the holidays? Yes. Will I do my very best anyway? Yes.

And you know what, it's exhausting. Exhausting in the short term - totally worth it in the long term.

‘Tis the season for over indulging. It’s everywhere. Smashing you in the face with its sugar coated “ho-ho-ho”.  From now till New Year’s, “Just one bite” has the ability to turn into a downhill spiral that will last weeks, and frankly, could last weeks AFTER said New Years. Weeks upon weeks, pound upon pound.
I can’t afford that. Can you?
So, I will politely decline the offers of goodies that are already trickling into the office. Thank GOODNESS I have a great family who is striving to eat well, and Thanksgiving will NOT be a big deal. A little turkey, some sweet potatoes (that I will make and bring) and green beans (again, I will make and bring), and BAM. Thanksgiving is done. As long as I can get out of my in-laws before they serve dessert, I won’t even have to worry about “politely refusing” anything.
After Thanksgiving is harder. The weeks moving into Christmas are not just that.
They are also the weeks where a lot of money is spent on stuff and budgets are tight.
They are also the weeks moving into finals for 2 difficult classes this semester.
They are stressful weeks, to be sure.
Stress is my #1 reason for binging. Continuously working on my Safety Net. Continuously hanging on. One day at a time… one moment at a time.
Anyway, already spending too much time… gotta run, run, run…
Keep moving forward, peeps…


  1. Holy moses 5 pounds!! Amazing chick!! Be VERY proud.

  2. Grinning 'cause I know you're gonna rock it hard from now thru New Year's!

  3. Thanks for sending that special love to Allan. You are your family are awesome.
    Also you are really doing great. Keep it up. You'll make your goals and beyond before you know it.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  4. you and your family....wish I would of proof read that. :o(