Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The snow has begun here in CT. I already spoke with Thing 2's daycare and they said they were going to stay open regardless. They are trying really hard to be accomidating because of all the mess last week.

So far, school for Thing 2 is on normal schedule as well.


I'm really glad people aren't going nuts shutting things down. Of course, if something is unsafe, close, but right now, it's jut messy. LATER tonight, we are supposed to get winds of 60+ mph. Sheesh!

Hubby wanted me to cancel my workout and come home tonight. A combination of the snow/sleet and they fact that the car really needs a battery (I have already needed a jump twice to get myself going) has him asking me to come straight home from work. And for a micro-second, I considered it. But nope. I have driven out to Bodyology in worse conditions than this. Last winter I drove in a snow storm, sliding into guardrails twice to get there. I was going super slow and it was just a tap, but the conditions were bad. But dang it, it wasn't going to stop me then, and it's not now.

Eats - Going good. I ate a little more in volume than I was planning, but all clean, so I am feeling OK about it. Progressive. I am human. I can and WILL do this, but I am human.

I'm really looking forward to a good sweat tonight.

That's all for now. Nothing too important to say. Hope you are all out there being the best you can be.

Keep moving forward....

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  1. Drive safely, little sister. Weather is freezing rain and 45mph winds here right now...cozy! :(