Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Keep on keepin' on

Hump day, peeps... this seems like a crazy long week, because we haven't had a full week of work over the last 2 weeks, with that bitch Sandy and then a Nor’easter the week after. Another nor'easter is now predicted for next week.
    It's going to be a looooooong winter.

An update on my BodyBugg - I'm still figuring it out. I think it's hilarious that it wants me to eat 1700 calories and burn 2700 calories per day. At the end of the day, it told me I took in about 1400, and I expended a little over 2300. This "burn" included over 10,000 steps plus a 20 minute tabata. Frankly, I thought I would be burning more! But, hey, it's all good. It helped keep me on track to get in a workout last night. Damn tabata is a killer. High knees, burpees, switch jumps, speed bag, jumping squats, speed skaters.... it's all fun and games till your collapsed in a heap in your living room - feeling AWESOME about getting it in!
  --------- >>>> YES!

Eats for today... Just look at yesterday. Seriously. It's the exact. same. thing. Tomorrow will be different, because I am out of spaghetti squash bake! I'm thinking chili will be on the menu...

Feeling really good. Still a little hungry between meals, but the headaches are getting a little less.

I have a questions for all the peeps out there who work out regularly. Do you have aches and pains all the time? For example, my feet and ankles hurt every morning when I get out of bed. No matter how much I work on strengthening my legs, I still on occasion pull a muscle in the calf of my right leg that, depending on the severity, can sideline me for a week. So, I'm not talking about the good kind of I-worked-out-and-I-feel-sore kind of pain, it's different. I know my weight is still on the higher side, but damn, you'd think after losing more than 170 lbs shit like that would decrease...  Any ideas? Especially the calf. I feel like a damn baby every time I do something to it and I have to modify my workouts at Bodyology or worse, not go to them at all. I'm feeling it now, I guess from last nights tabata. I have to be careful with it, or I'll pull it more.

Also, since my first pregnancy, I get a flair up of sciatica every once in a while. Like now.

All this complaining on aches and pains... Damn, I'm starting to sound like someone I read..... :-)

Enough of that!

I really don't have much more to say. So, I'm out.

Keep moving forward....


  1. I get sciatic pain when I'm driving for, say, more than an hour. And I have clicking knees and creaking vertebrae and various other minor aches, pains, twinges, what have you...but I am old. A lot of people would call these "over-use" injuries, but I say use it or lose it. ;)

  2. I hear that, sistah. I'd rather be achy 'cause I'm workin' it than achy 'cause I'm not! :-)

  3. I've noticed some dull pain in my right shoulder & my right knee lately. Nothing terrible, but it's there. Meh.

  4. Hey Kelliann! I don't think I can burn 2700 calories in a week I can't picture having to burn that in a day!!! Not to mention that my calorie count is probably around 2500 a day :S

    Have a good one!


  5. for the aches and pains--Try soaking in epsom salt baths especially the day after heavy duty exercise. Also, wearing good sneakers or shoes in the house (like from the moment you get out of bed) might help and see if Icing your feet / ankles at the end of the day helps. I've lost over 100 lbs but I'm still over 200. The damage from the years of being obese is done, but sometimes just a little loving attention to the ouchies will take them away. for good or for a while. then if it comes back , just repeat. good luck