Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Angels, really

I hate going so long without blogging, but time has just not been on my side!

First - WI from this weekend - SAME. I'm not too upset. I mean, I lost 5 lbs last week. I have finally figured out that my body likes to drop it in "chunks". 5 lbs one week, nothing the next, 2-3 (hopefully) the next, etc. I'm not going to freak out about it.

I changed gyms - from Planet Fitness back to In-Shape Fitness. Same price per month, but In-Shape is closer to home, has classes (hooray, spinning!) and childcare. Planet fitness has NONE of that. Got in on a special - no fees to start, and only $19.95 a month. SUPER excited! I went last night trying to get into the spin class but it was full. Got on the treadmill and did running and incline intervals instead. *ahhhh*...sweaty bliss.

 I've noticed I have been really adverse to meat lately. The smell, the texture... ugh. It's actually been making me feel nauseous. I dumped half a batch of turkey chili in the garbage this weekend 'cause it was NOT going to get eaten. Fo' Sho'. Today, I am super happy with my spaghetti squash bake (red peppers, kale, carrots, spaghetti squash, home made sauce and a little low-fat mozzarella.). I'm not "making a decision" to be vegetarian, I'm just leaning in that general direction. Fish and shrimp are atill all good, so we will be doing that for dinner a little more often.

Work is insane, again. It's just the norm. Big changes going on here. The head-honcho is stepping down, and it's creating a lot of buzz on the future of the program. Makes things a might stressful. Gonna just go with the flow.

A little update on the minions. Both are having trouble in school keeping tempers in check when things don't go their way. Now, we are not spoilers. We don't just give our kids anything they want, so I was a little confused. I can understand Thing 2 - I mean, he's only 2 years old and it's PRIME tantrum age. But the older one makes me a little more concerned. As I was thinking on it, I realized that I am really modeling poor behavior for him in regards to keep my cool - or LACK there-of. Patience has never been a virtue for me... it's just not in the Irish blood. But I need to be better at it for my kids. To show them how to handle stressful situations in a better way... gotta work on this hard.

Not my kid - but pretty close, apparently...

I wish I had time to type more, but I gottan run... But I will say this. When you are down and out, and you feel like no one cares, you need to believe there are people out there that are good, kind, generous, loving, and wonderful. Angels, really. I have met such people just being here. I am beyond blessed by them.

If you would take a moment to click on the link to my FUNDRAISING PAGE. I have raised 11% of my goal to have my reconstructive surgery. I know times are tough, but if you can spare anything, I would be beyond grateful to you.

Keep moving forward...


  1. Saw your comment over on "Trapped in Obesity"...nice work, Ms. Festa. But we all know that food needs to be "exciting" and "fun" and "entertaining"...and "grass fed" and "free range" have to be looking up new recipes and changing what you eat EVERY DAY...!

    Or not. ;)

  2. It's for me to remember that there are really great people out there who still do kind and wonderful things. But yes, they are out there. :-)

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