Monday, April 8, 2013

35 - and Day 1

Monday, day after my birthday. Day 1 of 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge at Tuff Girl. I’m very excited, even though I already have a headache from lack of caffeine. LOL
My birthday was like a normal day, except I got a pedicure. That was nice. I went with my mom. I love hanging out with her, and we don’t get to as often as I would like.
My hubby made me cupcakes from scratch. I won’t go into details, but they were NOT clean, totally amazing and they were worth ever last morsel. The rest of the batch went into work with him this morning. *Whew*
Yesterday was the intro meeting to the challenge. I’m already familiar with the rules, although they have been tweaked a little, I know the premise. I also got to work out. My legs are KILLING me today, but at least it’s for a reason!  We started out with a “fitness test”. We will repeat this “test” in 2 weeks to see how we are progressing. Here are my stats. PLEASE don’t laugh – remember I am 4.5 weeks post op, and I haven’t done a stitch of exercise in 5 weeks.
  *  Burpees in 20 sec: 8
  *  Burpees in 40: 13
  * Jam Ball Slams in 20: 11
  * Jam Ball Slams in 40: 21
  * Pushups in 1:00: 15, on box
  * Squats in 1:00: 37
  *Seated Band rows in 1:00: 25 with purple band (highest resistance)
  * Push press: 5 with 20 lbs, 3 with 25 – the premise was to do 5, then go up in weight. Do 5, go up – since I could only squeak out 3 with 25, I was done.

When I left Tuff Girl, my standard for push press was 25 – moving into 30’s. I was disappointed, but not surprised to drop weight there. One thing that did surprise me was how much pull I felt in my abdomen during push press.
After the test, we did some tabata rounds. Jump rope, pushups, jump rope, plank – repeat. 2 rounds of this, and then we did 2 rounds of forward kicks into pads while our partners held them for us and gave us some resistance. Felt good to kick the crap out of something. J
My arms held up great during everything. My abdomen was very, VERY sore last night. Tylenol and heating pad last night and it is not as bad today. My legs are most definitely the culprit now!
If you didn’t see my pic post from yesterday, check it out:
It’s got before and after surgery pics  - 4.5 weeks out. I will take more pics at the end of my 30 day challenge.
A little shout out to Kelly at - who sent me a sweet get well card. MWAH! SOO sweet!
Peace, bloggers. I hope you are all well


  1. Happy belated Birthday! Best of luck with the pain. Your workout sounds intense to me :)

  2. Thank you for the shout out! :-)