Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 3 - you know how it goes!

Day 3, 30 Day Challenge menu
½ cup tea
Meal 1: ½ cups oats, 2 egg whites, 1 cup strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries mixed, 2 tbs PB (8:00)
20 oz water
34 oz water
Meal 2: hardboiled egg, ½ sweet potato (10:30)
Meal 3: 1-2 slices Ezekiel bread, PB and sliced strawberries (12:00)
34 oz water
Meal 4: chicken sausage, ½ serving squash bake, carrots and hummus (2:00)
Meal 5: roasted stuffed red pepper (quinoa, black beans, corn, salsa), salad with good seasons dressing (around 6:00)
Plain Seltzer

I know this menu looks strikingly similar to yesterday, but I am a creature of habit. I know what I like, so I make it and it’s satisfying. I’m super excited for roasted stuffed peppers for dinner!
Yesterdays menu changed quite a bit by the end of the day. Missed out on Meal 4 even though I was hungry, running to class because I got out of work late… yada, yada. Needless to say I was starving when I got home and ate probably about 4-5 oz of grilled chicken and ½ ear of corn.  Seltzer, bed, ahhhh….
The grilled chicken made yesterday marinated overnight in home prepared good seasons dressing. It was really amazing. My hubby told me he thinks Thing 1 ate half of what we cooked! I was hoping for leftovers today, but NO! LOL, that’s ok though, I’ll just make more.
I’m feeling good here on Day 3. I have almost no headache, but still feeling a little sluggish. I am eating (fueling) when I am truly hungry, and so far today, that has been quite a bit – you can see only 1.5 hours between “meal 2” and “meal 3”. I was so hungry and didn’t want to take my lunch break that early (I like to try and make it around 1 or 2 – makes the rest of the day feel short!)
More water – down the hatch. When I finish this bottle, I will have drunk 88 oz so far, and it’s 12:30 currently. Woohoo for me!
My poster presentation went well last night, but by the end of the 3 hours, my legs were on fire. Insult to injury, I guess. But my legs are feeling better today. I wish I had more opportunity to move during the day, because they feel so much better after I’ve moved a bit.
I’m dying for a workout today. Just something… (I hear you, Drazie, I really do… I am going to be careful!!). Maybe a walk tonight outside, or an easy going video. I need to just get my heart rate up a little and get a little sweat going and I KNOW I’ll feel good about it.
Ok, I’m done blathering on. I hope you are all doing well and doing what is good for you.

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