Friday, April 26, 2013

bathing suits and dresses...

This is the time of year where you see tiny swimsuits lining the front of stores, and magazines promise you a "bikini body in 4 weeks".

Anyone who knows anything knows that's bullshit.

But there is more.

Unless you have said "bikini body" well, you better hide out in a mu-mu, cause you don't deserve to live, never mind wear a swimsuit.

One of the things that made me happy about having my arms done was that I was going to feel more comfortable in a bathing suit. Well, now instead of my focus of disgust being on my arms, it's on my legs.

"There is NO WAY you can wear a swimsuit with your legs jiggling like that. You'll have to find a pair of shorts or something to cover them up in..."

This is what I said to myself.

 You know what? SCREW THAT.

Yup, I have big, jiggly legs. I also love to swim, and my kids LOVE to be in the water. So, I'm going to deny myself, and them something we love to do because, even after 185 lbs lost, I have some JIGGLE??

No. F'in. Way.

Ok. That's all I have to say about that. For now, anyway.

I'm still a little sore from Group Power on Wednesday. It was great to be back there and pushing myself. "Live in the burn" "Love the burn" - I say these things to myself when I want to stop. Then I keep going.

Tonight will be a quickie at the gym, body weight exercises and a little TRX. 20-30 minutes, tops.

IronWOman at Bodyology tomorrow. This workout is my nemesis, in the way that it kicks my ass over and over everytime. The first time I did it, I cried during the cardio. I shit you not. I didn't cry in a whiney-I-don't-wanna kind of way, I cried out of frustration that I couldn't do burpees fast enough, and I was pushing so hard, and would still not finish my set. This workout is structured differently than some others. There are 3 stations set up, metabolic (cardio), TRX, and strength. You have 10 minutes to complete each station. Ususally I can just about finish my TRX station, metabolic is iffy, and strength is about 1/2 and 1/2... I try to start with cardio, because it's my weakness, and if I save it to the end, I'm totally sunk. I may try a different strategy tomorrow, though... strength, cardio, then TRX? Hmmm....

Yesterday was Day 2 of pushing myself out of my comfort zone with my wardrobe. I wore a dress, size medium, to work. I wasn't going to put on the leggings (talk about OUT of my comfort zone!) but it was SO chilly, I had to.

I was nervous, but I felt good in it!! (except for the shoes, which rubbed my feet raw. Yeah, those are getting donated)

Fuel today:
Meal 1: quiche (this stuff is so good and I am not hungry till lunch)
Meal 2: 1/2 sweet potato, black bean/peppers/pineapple mix, spaghetti squash bake, banana
Meal 3: 1 slice Ezekiel, PB
Meal 4: Salad with grilled something. Or, I may be able to talk hubby into spicy shrimp. :-)

Today there is an "Administrative Professionals Appreciation Luncheon" that our department is giving to all of us. I have no idea what will be there. I will eat my lunch before, and if there is salad, I will have a little of that. If not, I'll sit happily with my water, and be prepared for the barage of "WHY aren't you EATING??"

Peace, everyone.


  1. I heard something great, "You want to know how to get a bikini body? Put on a bikini!" It was within a general life affirming motivation speech about how it is YOUR body, dress it however you want and however makes you feel good... not to let anyone else tell you what you "deserve" to wear.

  2. People sure like to feed us for Administrative Professionals Week, don't they? Ha ha. I got cake, cookies, ice cream, etc.

    I am already sick of the bikini body articles in every single women's magazine right now! Is there really nothing better to write about?

  3. Love your dress, very flattering. Your kids will love having you in the water. Good for you. Good luck with your Iron Woman workout, it sounds intense.

  4. I went to an Admin lunch this week too and had salad. And a damn piece of pie! You look fab in that size M!!! Never ever hide those legs - they are yours and they beautiful!

  5. There's only been one workout video that I've never been able to do and when you mentioned how you cried out of frustration, I've done the same with that blasted video. It was Jillian Michael's 6 week abs video. I hated that there was something I couldn't do. I tried it 4 different times before throwing in the towel. I officially hate that biotch (Jillian Michaels) lol.

  6. Cute dress! I hate those *why aren't you eating* questions, ugh. Hope it went well.