Friday, April 5, 2013

Experimentation results

Following up on this Friday. I am SO grateful for Fridays. I totally covet my Friday nights for total utter and complete relaxation. I can let my mind rest. Nothing to be worried about for at LEAST a day.
*inhale slowly, exhale slowly*
I tried some moves last night and walking at lunch today. My exertion tolerance is pitiful. Winded by jogging up a few flights of stairs. Ugh.
Squats – totally fine. Sumo squats are the better of the 2 tried.
Counter pushups – totally fine.
Plank – shaking almost immediately. Engaging core is difficult.
Toe pushups – not happening right now.
My arms feel really good, unless I am trying to stretch them a little too far. For example, if I reach up and drop my arms back in a dumbbell triceps extension, it hurts. I need to start stretching it slowly as I am using Vitamin E on my scars. So, modifications will be necessary. I can work the triceps doing a kickback, maybe… but things like dead-hang pull-ups are going to be further into the future than I would like. The dead-hang would probably rip me right open. TMI, I know. Sorry.
Feeling weak. Freakin’ HATE that. Slow progress is better than no progress… but damn, I’m having a hard time.
I am SO excited for my 30 Day challenge. Not weighing myself, only going my Body Fat %. I will take my current on Sunday, and then will do it again at the end of the 30 days. Not in between, and no getting on the scale. Part of the GAIN I was talking about yesterday has to include gaining TRUST in myself. I don’t want to go through the rest of my life feeling like I can’t “trust” myself and how I feel. I’m not talking about moderation or anything like that, because I know my body and mind have an adverse reaction to some substances (READ: SUGAR) – so staying away from that is not about “not trusting myself with it” it’s about knowing it does bad things to my body, so the sane person then rationalizes that they need to stay away from said poison. Duh.
Trust. It’s so freaking hard.
Thank God for the weekend… I hope you are all well. Peace


  1. Have a good birthday this weekend, and what an awesome birthday present to yourself! :D xx

  2. Please be careful with the core and abs. It will come with time - now is the time to just heal. If you hurt something it'll set you back further so be careful. Mkay?