Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Honesty.... such a lonely word...

TWO posts from me today? You lucky ducks... Anyone get the Bill Joel reference from the title? YOU WIN A PRIZE! Just kidding. You're just cool.

Just ate Meal 3, downing my water like a good girl. Feeling the need to move and get my heart rate up today, so I've taken to doing pushups and squats anytime I go to the ladies room, or go down the hall to get water. So far I have done 45 of each. At least it's something. If I am still feeling antsy at 8:30 when I get home, I'll get in a quick 25-30 minutes.

Tonight, the hubby will be working on cleaning up our family room more. I want to use more of the space for some home gym equipment. I want to add more weights, a single TRX-type device for the door, and I really want a plyo box for work on box jumps. I saw an adjustable one that goes from 16" up to 24"
I'd love a pull - up bar, but I don't have a good doorway to install it... Will have to keep thinking about that one.

I've chatted with hubby about our challenge "menu", and we have decided that we don't miss anything so much that we want to or care to change it up much once the challenge is "done". I mean, when you love your food, it tastes good, it fuels your body, you aren't hungry... what's not to love? YES, it takes time and effort, but everything that is worth something is going to require time and effort.

Tomorrow I will go to Group Power. Last week we did pushups on the bar, which was a huge core challenge for me. I am focusing on my form for those. Even if I can get ONE with perfect form, on toes, I will count it as a win. THEN, I'll go for TWO...

So, tonight, I will do a big salad with some shrimp for Meal 4. Hopefully I can talk hubby into starting the veggie chopping before I get home, so I can just eat when I get in. I gotta up my veggies for my during-the-day meals.

NO EXCUSES, guys. Everyone has struggles. I STRUGGLE and I TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT. Because I am imperfectly HUMAN. But just be HONEST about it. I guess honesty takes a back-seat when you are getting paid to be "motivational". That's why I'll never have sponsors, or post anything on here that I don't believe in - period. I've been e-mailed by companies offering me things to post ads for them. Nah, not interesting is hocking your shakes, fake foods, or magic pills.

Number 2 is the most important one.

I'm off to get in 15 more push-ups and squats.

*Hopping off soap box*

Peace Everyone

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  1. Babe - your honesty is refreshing. Never change it. Like ever.