Thursday, April 4, 2013


Thursday. A quiet Thursday – how remarkable!
Even though the doc gave me the OK to start exercising again, I admit, I’ve been a little scared. I mean, yesterday, I popped an internal stitch reaching into the back seat to wipe a 2 year old snotty nose. Really?? WTF? Hurts today… but anyway…
So I have slowly started experimenting. I don’t really know how much muscle I have lost in the last 4 weeks, so not sure what I can do. I did some pushups against a counter top this morning. Arms feel totally fine. No pulling, no excess stretching… it’s the abdomen that’s giving me trouble. After popping that stitch, I can’t engage my abs without pain. As most of you know, pretty much every form of exercise is going to require the abdominals being engaged. It’s frustrating to say the least. I plan on experimenting a little more tonight. Some planks, squats, knee or table top pushups… we shall see.
Sunday is my birthday. I told you I got myself a present – the 30 Day Challenge. I can’t think of a better gift right now. I am so excited. Hardcore. I think I am the MOST excited because now, after this surgery, it will be possible for me to actually see muscular results/changes. Will all the excess ab and arm skin, I could hardly make out any definition, even though I KNEW it was there. Now, it’s different.
This spring and summer is going to be MY time to SHRED. My time to GAIN.

What does shred mean? I think it’s different from one person to another. I don’t need to look like my amazing trainer Christa in order to feel like I am shredded for my body…

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(although, what an incredible role model!). Shredding for me means leaning out more and more so that my muscle definition can come through. I don’t need or maybe even want to look like a fitness model. Those are some beautiful bodies, for sure, but it’s not for me. Why not? Those ladies spend their whole lives in constant pursuit of that body. I have so many things happening in my life, I can’t spend all of my waking time in search of the perfect visible abs! AND THAT’S OK!
“GAIN??? What are you talking about?” You may be thinking. I want to gain strength and toughness, muscular, mental and emotional. I want gain confidence. I want to gain total respect for myself. I have a lot to gain. It’s going to take hard work to gain. But I will.
I’m just about caught up with back school work. I registered for next semester – Nutrition III and Culinary Nutrition – STOKED about it. Classes will be fascinating! But I already can’t wait for this semester to be done. I need summer. I need some breathing room.
Thing 2 has been sick… I think I may have mentioned. He is still ill. Last night hubby took him to the pediatrician and they are stumped. Fever spiking up and down, but negative for ear infection, strep and flu. Chest sounded clear. Our instructions are to monitor the fever. If it “trends downward” we need to ride it out. If it stays consistent or gets worse, they need to see him for a chest x-ray and blood work. He hasn’t been to daycare all week and the only way it has been possible for me to be at work is because my hubby took off, and my father in law is being a super good sport, hanging out with the oh-so-whiney-one yesterday and today… probably even tomorrow.
So, that’s just a *little* stressful… I’m sure it’s nothing but a virus that’s hanging on too long, but it makes me very nervous. I can’t wait to get home to him tonight.
That’s all for now. I’ll report back tomorrow on my “experimenting” tonight.
Peace everyone...

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  1. Can't wait to hear how your experiment turns out. I try to do Compound exercise by Jillian Micheals, which consist of squat and dumbbell. But since I haven't exercise for so long, my thigh was pretty painful after doing squats.