Thursday, April 18, 2013

That fire, and trust

Thursday, but in MY work world today, it’s my “Friday”, since hubby and I are taking off with the kids and bringing them to an aquarium for a day trip. We are keeping it hush-hush so they will be surprised. I can’t wait to see their little faces! It’s likely going to be a zoo, but we are going to be there right when it opens and hope to avoid the huge rush. Especially with Thing 2, who loves to walk “by myself”. The less we can constrict him, the better our day will be.
I am going home this evening to cook up some bite-sized chicken, and get some veggies and fruit together to bring with us. We will make breakfast and eat in the car on the way. We should be there through lunch, so we need to be prepared. I’m not at all tempted by the food up there, because frankly, it’s gross. It’s like bad carnival food (think greasy hot dogs and cold, greasy fries) so as long as we bring options with us, it’ll be a no-brainer.
Sweated my ass off last night at Annihilator Tabata. My chest was on fire (in a good way) after round 1, and there were 6 rounds. Round 5 is the hardest to push through, mentally, I find. You can get through the first ½ ok, then round 4, you remind yourself you are more than ½ way done, and you are strong, and you can do it. But round 5, you are SO ready to be done, and you know you still have another round ahead of you. That’s when I break out the big guns.
“You have pushed out 2 babies. YOU CAN DO 20 SECONDS OF BURPEES. Yes. Again”
“You have endured so much to get here. You have to keep pushing to go further!”
Things like that… I also pick a person in front of me who is going faster at whatever we are doing and attempt to keep their pace, even just for a few seconds.
Last night hubby surprised me with grilled bison burgers. We almost never eat any kind of red meat, but he bought the organic burgers at a butcher shop near us. I topped mine with hummus and lettuce, and ate it with ½ an Ezekiel roll. That with a big salad and I was really, really full. Awesome little surprise. And, it saves the chicken for tonight. Win-win.
Todays fuel:
2 slices Ezekiel bread, 2 tbs PB, ½ cup blueberries – (LOVE this combo. Who doesn’t love PB&J? And it’s clean!)
34 oz water
1 bison burger (leftover. What can I say, they are tasty) ½ sweet potato, hummus, banana
34 oz water
½ Ezekiel roll with 1 tbs pb, VERY small piece of clean quiche – only if I get hungry…
34 oz water (LIKE A BOSS)
Large veggie salad, 4 oz chicken breast marinated in good seasons dressing.
One thing about eating clean is once you get used to it, you are really quite full on what you eat. Veggies and proteins are very filling. And if you only eat when you are hungry, not necessarily on a schedule, you are trusting your body to tell you when it needs something.
Like right now. My body is telling me I need my lunch. Trusting my body is hard. I really have to STOP and ask myself – am I actually hungry, or do I just want something. Once I can honestly answer the question, I either eat, or I drink some water and busy myself with something else.
Tonight I have church choir, so no formal workout, but I may try to get in some running sprints - If my ass will cooperate after all the squats I did yesterday.
I’m out for now, blogger peeps. Peace, please… let’s all just pray for peace…


  1. Indeed. Peace. And trusting our bodies. Very good things to wish for. Have a beautiful day tomorrow. Sounds so fun.

  2. Tabata is a killer workout! I can't stand burpees, so I have to force myself through them. Amazing how long 20 seconds feels when you are doing a tough exercise!