Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A serious before and after - PICS


Thanks for the comments left on my PIC. I am pretty damn proud of what I have accomplished, and I am looking forward to accomplishing much more as I move forward.

When I got the corset in the mail last night, I was so excited. I opened it up, looked at how small it was and felt a little deflated. Hubby convinced me to "just try it"... "Then you can see your progress even more when it fits in the fall" he said.

Ok, sounds like a plan.

I got in it, and he keeps pulling in the laces, saying "I don't want to hurt you!" I assured him he wasn't, and it felt very comfortable. When he was done, he said "woh"... I asked how much space was gaping in the back and he told me there was NO gap, that I was totally laced and covered. When I saw myself in the mirror, I teared up. I could NOT believe that was ME.

So, of course we had to take a picture!

When I look back at my progress, it has certainly been filled with bumps, bruises and total wipe-outs. But here I am, still working. I will always work toward my better self, no matter what that involves. I will never NOT be a food and sugar addict, so this "battle" is just everyday life. Sometimes I will find it exhausting, sometimes I will find it empowering. I will fall off the horse, but I will always, ALWAYS get back on.

That is how you go from this:

Me: Before. TO THIS: 

I can't really call this most recent picture my "after" because I'm not done. It's not about the scale, it's about health and strength. Someone recently asked me what I was "training for now". I laughed and said "My kids!" and it's true! But I'm also training for life. I want my body to be a strong machine that can do anything. I want my mind to understand that I can accomplish anything I truly commit to. Anyone can.

Briefly, fuel for today:
Meal 1: Queche
Meal 2: spaghetti squash bake, 4 oz chicken, banana
Meal 3: Clean muffins, 2 tbs PB
Meal 4: Large salad with Mexican black beans and pineapple, good seasons dressing.

It's my super late night tonight. I won't be home till 9:30. Tomorrow is work, and then finally going back to Group Power. I'm excited to get back to classes at the gym! WOOT!

Love and Peace to you all.


  1. Amazing! And beautiful! You've done some great work - very inspiring :)

  2. You just look fabulous honey. I'm so proud of you.

  3. You are so tiny! I hope I can have a wow moment like this someday. You look amazing, be proud of all you have accomplished, all you can now do and all that you WILL do in the future.

  4. Thank you so much for posting these pictures side by side. I am feeling discouraged today after making some bad choices yesterday, but seeing your progress and how great you look now makes me want to go work out right now :) You have made amazing changes and look fantastic!

  5. This is simply unreal. You don't even look like the same person anymore. It's bonkers. Mind blown.

    YOU ARE AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!