Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Norway, anyone?

Wednesday – and our nation is under attack.
I’m thinking of moving to Norway. Anyone with me?
I’m not going to spend this blog on the tears and fear that occurred in Boston and resonated around the world. Or talking about how our countries law-makers, including out President, are being attacked via poison in the mail. All a mere 4 months after 26 innocent lives, 20 of which were under the age of 7, we viciously murdered in their classrooms. How can I comment on these things? I am at a loss for all words. It makes no sense to me… I have to just try to work it out in my brain.
I haven’t updated since the little-too-late post on Monday (Which I really wrote on Friday) because blogging simply wasn’t on my agenda when the flood of the news came in. People killed. Adults and children had legs blown off. And the stories that began to emerge of the horror, and the heroism…
When people disappear from blog land the instant thought is that they are “off the wagon”. Well, it couldn’t be any further from the truth for me. I am on Day 9 of my 30 day challenge, and I feel awesome. I’m getting back into my exercise routine and just clinging to my sanity until the end of the semester which is a mere 4 weeks away… The summer, even though I decided to take an online summer course, will have SO much more breathing room. I cannot wait to have more time home with my tribe.
Just for kicks, here is my fuel journal for today:
Day 9
20 oz water
8:00 2 slices Ezekiel, 2tbs pb, blueberries
34 oz water
12:00 spaghetti squash bake, 1.5 black bean burgers
34 oz water
3:00 slice Clean quiche, carrots with hummus
4:30 banana (pre-workout)
20 oz water
TRAIN: Annihilator Tabata
7:00 6 oz grilled chicken, ½ sweet potato, large veggie salad with good seasons
20 oz water
Why yes, yes it IS awesome. Thanks. And if you think otherwise, no offense, but I don’t really care.
I did some running HIIT and did a short strength workout on Saturday, felt good. I stopped when I felt my abdomen start to ache in the stitches area.
I worked out on Sunday at Tuff Girl and I felt pretty good. I wasn’t super sore after, and I didn’t feel like I overdid anything, but I still got a good workout in. I took it a little lighter on the weights, and I have gone down significantly on my one arm push press. I was working with 30# before surgery, and I am down to 20#... That made me sad. BUT – there is plenty of time to get back to where I want to be. And I WILL get there.
So, fitness wise – what’s on the further horizon? Well, there is the 2nd Rugged Maniac I will be taking on in September:
And although it’s a long time away, I want to compete in next year’s “Fit Athalon” Challenge:
So, eating is on track. Exercise is getting back to normal. Now, getting out and making every moment count is a priority. What about you? Have all of the incidences lately changed your outlook on your life?
Peace, bloggers.


  1. Hi, I found your blog by looking up other Blogger blogs about weight loss.

    It has been hard to think of much else than the bombing and the pain and loss caused by it. Seeing the pictures was difficult. Hard to imagine being in a crisis like that.

    Is Tuff Girl the name of a gym? I have never heard of it.

    1. Hello and thanks for reading!
      Tuff Girl is a division of a company called Bodyology. It's located in Hamden, CT - not a chain, but a solitary gym that has the best trainers and workouts you will ever sweat through. My fitness family there is incredible - supportive, yet firm. They want you to achieve your very best, so they push you. And I love every moment of it!

  2. I didn't blog about what happened either. I pray and cry on my own and I swear that they won't win so I go on with life and treasure every moment a little more. It's all I can do. I totally didn't think you fell off the wagon - I know you better than that. You're doing fantastic!

  3. The tragic event in Boston disgusted and saddened me.

    Your day impresses me. Good luck with the future races/events.

  4. Boston disgusts me. And the rest of our country. So, so sad.

    Glad you're on track & doing well!