Monday, April 15, 2013

6th birthday, and spicy shrimp - Day 5

Yes - this blog was supposed to be posted on Friday. But then I couldn't get the pics in that I wanted, and promptly forgot to hit "publish"... update to come later

Friday afternoon, so no one will likely read this post! Oh the trouble I could get into… MWAHAHAHA!
Nope, I’ll be good.
I didn’t blog yesterday because I was home with Thing 2 again. Another fever, unknown origin. I brought him to the doctor and very pointedly told him I was extremely concerned. He was great. Examined him head to toe, cultured him for strep (again – neg) and then was direct with me: Yes, a fever that is ongoing in a child this age with seemingly no reason can be alarming. It’s the #1 symptom for leukemia. HOWEVER, he stressed, his color is great, he’s behaving normally, and he is having no unusual bruising. He checked from his glands to the bottom of his feet and really did not want to do blood work quite yet. We need to keep very close tabs on his temps, and if this doesn’t stop by Monday, we will start more invasive testing.
Very scary at that point, but the Doc made me comfortable by telling me a few other things: This fever sprung up after 5 straight days with NO fever, meaning it’s not technically continuous. It could truly be that he has had 3 viruses in the last month that have little symptoms other than fever… I suppose that’s true. I am still watching him like a hawk.
I brought him into daycare today. He was “fever free” (only reached 100.5 yesterday) for 24 hours so in he went. I’ve called 3 times (You can say whatever you like, this is my baby and I’m checking on him as much as I want) and the reports have all been wonderful. “back to his old self”, “having a wonderful day” “eating like normal” – this was a big one. He hasn’t eaten for days.
This weekend will be telling. I will take him temp till the cows come home.
Tomorrow is my Thing 1’s 6th birthday! I can’t believe how time has flown, and what a different person I am now, compared to when he was born. He is a little man… *sigh* I can’t believe it. He’s having his first “friend” party and THANK GOD it will only be 1.5 hours. Then we will celebrate the rest of the day away! My little munchkin…

ANYWAY – The challenge is going super well. I was nervous about yesterday, being home and stressed, but I reminded myself to “fuel” and not “eat my stress”. I ate for fuel, I ate when I was hungry. I was very proud.
You guys may be getting tired of the menus but, you’ll get over it. This is today:
April 12, Day 5 30 Day Challenge
Meal 1: small scoop scrambled eggs, 1 slice bacon, ½ cup fruit (employee breakfast)
Meal 2: ½ cups oats, 1/3 cup egg whites, 1 cup mixed berries, 2 tbs pb
34 oz seltzer
Meal 3: 1.5 red peppers with quinoa filling (leftovers), banana
34 oz water
Meal 4: Ezekiel with PB
34 oz water
Meal 5: spicy shrimp, steamed veggies
Tonight I am faced with making cupcakes for the little minions, I mean, children at the party. I WILL NOT eat a cupcake. I WILL NOT lick a spoon. NONE of it will be consumed by yours truly. Not. A. Drop.
Exercise this week has been WEAK. I’ll get back into the swing. I was so scared after last Sunday, I almost canceled my upcoming workout at Bodyology. It’s Sunday afternoon. I still have time to think on it, but I still have it scheduled…
Alright, that’s all I can do for today, kids.

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  1. Seriously - Banana has been having fevers a lot lately because flus/viruses and colds are going around and once one is over...another round comes and she's back to having a fever and that's sometimes the only symptom. Scary. I'll keep your baby in my prayers.