Monday, February 6, 2012

Feeling pretty low, and not in the good way...

Feelin' like shit. Yeh, I said it.

Peaked at the scale. Still at 213.

Muther F**ker.

I am working my ass off.

Well, apparently not.

Unbelievably tired. Worn out. Worn down. Stressed. Overwhelmed.
Had an awesome workout Saturday. Ran on Sunday. Felt really good.
I was CONVINCED that scale would say something quite a bit lower than last week.


Obviously, I am doing something wrong. AGAIN.

I've gotten the suggestion to add some very whole grains (wheat berries, quinoa, whole oats) back into the diet, in moderation. Nothing refined. Cut down the fat a smidge. Keep the exercise going. See what happens.

I'm sliding down my mountain, kids. Slowly but surely.

I feel like taking a flying leap. Right into a pile of... well, I won't go into the sugar filled treats I can think of. It's a mute point.

I've been feeling good, and when I blogged this weekend, mostly it was because I actually felt that good, but some of it was my own internal pep-talk. I was really trying hard to talk myself into feeling totally confident.

What is the point of feeling like you accomplished something great (like, not eating carbs at my family get together) when it's not giving you the outcome you want? WTF? I should have just eaten whatever I freakin wanted over my moms on Saturday night. I'd still be in the same damn place!

Sorry for the crappy mood, guys. Just needed to vent it.

Feeling really, really down.


  1. Im sorry - I have definately been there and normally it triggers a massive binge that last a few weeks. No advice, except just keep at it. It will happen.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm not taking in anywhere near the 2690 calories I would need in order to maintain this body weight. Now been tracking everything, and that's why it makes even LESS sense. I'm hitting around 1500 cals per day, upwards of 1600 ish and low of around 1300. That's a minimum deficit of 1000 cals per day. That should equal 2 lbs per week! And yet, here I sit!!

  3. You poor thing. Keep your chin's okay to vent and be discouraged once in a while. You can do this. Don't give up.

  4. ((hugs)) Kelliann, dang girl, you're kicking your own a$$ and it may seem like nothing will ever happen, but something will, you're working too hard not to start loosing. I have a friend who went through the same thing--she pushed through, and now she is loosing. You will get there! You will!

    Keep your chin up, my dear bloggy friend. You can do this. Hold on just a little bit longer til your body adjusts!