Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday update

Just a little check in... Busy, busy day, but ate really well and had a fantastic workout!

Ladies, if you are afraid to lift heavy weights, don't be! Besides being FAB for your body ( muscle burns more calories at REST than fat) it makes you feel BADASS!! Lots of heavy lifting and some tabata thrown in the middle for good measure - mountain climbers, high knees, plank jacks and power jacks. It was exhausting and wonderful.

Food was good. Totally abstinent from sugar, white flour, and processed food (which is made up of mostly sugar and flour!). My only issue was not enough water. My weekends are infamous for at. So much easier at work... I better go drink some right now...

Weighed myself again this morning. I am telling you this because it's an obsessive pattern. I have asked the hubby (in my defense, I asked him to hid it on like, Friday, but he didn't. Yeah, I'm totally passing blame on this one, even though its my own issue. poor hubby!)again to put it away. I will be SURE he does tonight.

Another busy day tomorrow. Church, teaching, grocery store, laundry... Maybe, oh, I don't know, actually spend time with my little tribe??? Shouldn't that be what weekends are about. Well, I have made a decision that is going to enable more of that to occur... Will announce early in the week... I'll just keep you in suspence till then.

Soldier on, my friends! It is worth the fight! YOU are worth the fight!!

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