Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New week, plan tweak

Whew. I'm here. I promise.

Yesterday was an unexpected day off of work, so posting was tough.

As we know, it is Wednesday, and it is my weigh-in day.


This, my friends, is a gain.

Now, being someone who has been on plan 100% of the time, working out, running, etc... there should be outrage, right?

Nope. No outrage. Maybe there should be, but there's not.

Let me take you back for a moment to the old Kelliann (the pesky Inner Fat Girl), who would have immediately said something like
"Screw this. If I'm going to gain weight, I might as well do it eating whatever I want"

IFG would then proceed to eat all the sugary junk she could get her hands on. Some greasy fried food for good measure. She would justify it over and over - getting "back on track tomorrow"

But, it NEVER happens that way, does it.

Buzz back to the present. I see a 2 lbs gain on the scale. I scan over the past week - no cheating, lots of activity... hmm... lots of stress, not great water over the weekend...hmmm...could that have been it? I don't think that's 2 lbs... hmmm...

I've been doing a lot more strength training/weight training. Could it be muscle gain? 2 lbs in a week? Hmmm... doubtful.

So, now what do I do? I evaluate what I am putting in my mouth. I am a low-carber. Perhaps, in actuality, I am going a little too high in calories and/or fat than I perceive.

Then, I make a plan of action. I will focus this week on high protein, low carb, low fat foods. Lower fat foods mostly means lower in calories as well, so that will lower my calorie intake automatically. I will cut way down on my peanut butter consumption, and not make another batch of protein donuts. (They are VERY good, stat wise, but, who knows, it could be the culprit!)

I will, in other words, tweak a bit, and continue on. I will persevere. I will continue my exercise as is mapped out. I will continue to eat low carb. I will up my water. I will attempt to find some time to de-stress.

I will do whatever it takes

I will get down to my goal weight (180, if you're interested). I will pursue plastic surgery for my belly and arms (insurance is going to regret the day they denied me for my tummy tuck. 3 different antibiotic creams later, and my dermatologist is willing to stand up in COURT that it should be covered). If insurance doesn't cover it? Well, it will STILL happen. Because I deserve it. Because I have worked hard (and will continue to work hard) for a strong, fit body that isn't plagued with painful rashes and flopping skin. The last plastics doc I saw stated there is 15-20 lbs of excess skin to be removed. After that is done, I will be 200 lbs down from my starting weight.

And I will get there, my friends. Oh yes.

Watch me.

One gain in this grand scheme doesn't mean shit. It's what you do AFTER the gain that counts. You gonna let yourself fall down the mountian??? WHY?? So it takes you 3x longer to climb back up? Or, are you going to keep your balance, and keep moving forward?

Doesn't make much sense to let yourself fall off the mountain when you don't have to, does it?

Shit.... hmmm... maybe THAT'S the problem! :-)


  1. Sometimes that scale is so darn confusing, we give it our all and it shows a gain, I don't get it. I think I need to do a month free of the scale to see what it does!

  2. Oh you will soooo get there. I hope you love your tummy tuck as much as I do mine! You deserve it!

  3. Great post! I love your attitude!! Keep it up girl, you are going to hit your goals!!

    Stay focused!