Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday, revisited

It's a battle today. A battle I will keep fighting and I will win.
It's one of those days it would be so easy to fall right back into the crap food, into the sugar... so easy to just reach over to the file cabinate across from my desk and take the goodies sitting there. The goodies that everyone is raving about.

"Why don't you just try one? They are SOOOO good"

I have no doubt they are good. But, I'm ok without, thanks.

Draggin ass, people. I'm thinking of my Tuff Girl workout tomorrow, and I'm already tired. So much going on this weekend.

Rehearsal tomorrow afternoon, church Sunday morning, teaching all afternoon... and then the weekend will be *POOF* - gone.

I am going to strive to enjoy the time I have with my tribe this weekend, while also making a little time for myself.

What are YOUR weekend plans??


  1. Lol, I've started to almost dread my weekends, as I do my weekly weigh-ins on a Monday. I've made really good progress so far this week, but I'm meeting a friend for dinner on Sunday, and I'm terrified I'm going to cave and undo everything! And to think, I used to LIKE my weekends!

  2. Drag days . . . . They happen to me with changes in the weather. This time of year that is all the time I just have to kick my own ass and get to work. I like Saturdays because those are my no exercise day. I recuperate on Saturdays.