Friday, February 3, 2012

Strength and Perseverance!

Normally I get to post while I am at work. Today was another unexpected day off. Earlier in the week, one kid was out of school with a fever, and today, it was the other. Somehow, it always ends up being me who has to take the day with the kids. I have absolutely NO time left at work.

Actually, I have negative time. I actually had to take today unpaid.

The hubs has 2 weeks worth of PTO sitting. But, he won't call out, because his bosses are total assholes who will write him up if he calls out. It doesn't matter why. He could be taking care of sick children, or having a spa day - to them it makes NO difference. Bastards. Every time I get some PTO hours banked, someone gets sick. I'm never going to have vacation time to go visit brother in Seattle this summer, or to get my plastic surgery (which I had hoped to get done in the fall).

I am SO grateful that my supervisor is a PEACH. She is very understanding about the time. I just love her. Thank GOD for her.

Feeling very good. Was in a very tumultuous place yesterday. My hubby was there for me and supported me through a severe binge craving. (PLEASE NOTE: I said CRAVING.) This binge did NOT occur. My hubby was a pillar and between him and rallying my own strength, I made it through.
I did NOT go off plan. I did NOT binge.

So, today's eating was really good. I was so busy keeping the kids entertained, I didn't have time to wander aimlessly to the kitchen. I got in breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, with no extraneous munching.

When hubby came home, I went directly outside for my run. I decided I was badass and I was going to take the big hills in my condo complex. I ALMOST made it up the steepest one we have in the complex. My body literally stopped running SO close to the end of my run section. I guess the not-being-able-to-breath thing had something to do with it. LOL. I WILL conquer that hill, damn it! Just maybe not today.

I did my C25K run, and extended it a bit. I'm trying to push myself a little beyond where the program says I am at - running a little longer, taking on hills, doing a few extra run/walk intervals after the program has technically stopped. It feels good. I think I could have kept going this evening, but it was getting dark and it was COLD. So, I made my way back to the house very happy with my progress.

I have to share my dinner tonight. It was the most awesome salad. Dark, leafy romaine lettuce, red pepper, carrots, broccoli, shredded turkey breast, a few slices of turkey pepperoni, sprinkle of low fat cheese, and a small amount of dried cranberries and almonds for a little treat. Oil and vinegar drizzle and I was in HEAVEN. It was seriously filling and delicious!

Tomorrow morning starts the weekend off with a bang with a Tuff Girl workout. Then, it's a wonderful, family filled weekend. I am VERY excited about it! Spending some great time with my little Tribe, and then tomorrow night is a "Girls Night" get together with all the ladies of my family. We do this every once in a while, and we ALWAYS have a blast.

So, what's on the menu for such an evening? Well, everyone is making horsdevoirs. I'm making little protein packed bites, but I'm a little nervous about what else will be there and if I will be tempted at all. Ok, scratch that, I WILL be tempted, and I WILL NOT give in. I know my mom is making a dish I can eat, and my bites will be great for me too. Of course it's the potential desserts that I am terrified a little nervous about.

I'm excited about my upcoming weigh in - yes, you read that right. I feel like my triumph over the potential binge and my strength in staying on my eating and exercise plan will pay off for me this week. I KNOW that staying strong through a gain is the hardest thing for me, and I am absolutely persevering.

Be strong, my friends! Soldier on, even when things are not going the way we think they should!

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