Thursday, February 9, 2012

menu? What menu??

Still feel like garbage. I tried eating a little for lunch, and I am thinking that was a bad idea. *sigh*

Well, yesterday’s menu went off without a hitch. The only issue was I didn't go for my run at the gym, because by the time I was in my class, I was feeling so sick, I hardly made it through. I wasn't about to go running in the gym and risk an, um, accident.

I ended the day with just over 1400 cals. I was hungry some of the day. What I eat for my calories has to be tweaked a little.

I'm at work, trying to be happy and productive. I have a menu for today, but so far have not been able to eat much of it. Click this morning, water, and I just had my Mission tortilla with natural PB and sugar free jelly.

That is, currently, what my tummy is mad at me about.

Feel dizzy and sluggish. Sure it's some dehydration. Went out for some air on my lunch break and feel a *little* better.

Found out that kids in Thing 2's classroom have cocksacky virus. It's super contagious and I know Thing 2 will get it. His little immune system just can't catch up. I cannot take any more time off of work, because I am currently in the NEGATIVE for PTO. Thankfully I have an understanding boss, but it's becoming out of control. Sometime (more than sometimes) i wonder if working full time is worth it... but it's all connected, work pays for daycare/school(for Thing 1, this is a MUST) work pays for my school, school keep student loans away, school moves me closer to my goals...

So, not much of this post is weight loss/fitness related at all. Just crap related. Literally and figuratively.


  1. Oh I hope you feel better soon hun. You're such a warrior!

  2. It is so hard to stay on task when the bug hits. Good effort!
    Sorry in advance if you little one gets the virus.