Friday, February 10, 2012

Whew... back in action. Well, mostly...

Hello fellow bloggers!

I am feeling quite a bit better than I have the past few days. Not exactly back to perfect, but frankly, probably as close as I am going to get!

So, the menu yesterday changed slightly. Mostly due to the tummy issues.
I ended the day with 1313 calories. My levels (Carbs vs. Protein vs. Fat) are just how I like to see them. It was all logger at LiveStrong

The weird thing about the tummy bug is that I was still hungry, it just hurt when I ate.

Today, I am being extra careful. Because I am feeling closer to normal, my tendency is to eat more... Here is the menu

Click Coffee
3 protein donuts with PB "Icing" (recipe at end, if interested)
Mission Carb Balance wrap, 3 tbs PB (we will talk about this too)
2 polly-o 2% string cheese sticks
Click coffee
(If needed here at work, in addition)
2 Morningstar Veggie Sausage Patties OR 1 cup Kashi Go Lean Cereal
1-2 cups salad greens
1/2 cup fat free refried beans
4 tbs salsa
1/4 cup reduced fat cheese
Night time Snack:
1 sugar free chocolate pudding cup

Totals: WITHOUT addition snack during the day: 1362 cals with levels just where I like them!

If I need one of my other snacks, I will end up around 1450. I don't anticipate I will need one.

Feeling good about this!

Now, the peanut butter - I am going to start pairing back on it a little. It's a big staple for me, and although it's good fat, it's a calorie sucker. I tend to eat quite a bit of it. So, it's going on my to-do list.

Tomorrow will begin with a Tuff Girl Workout. I don't feel prepared for it, because I haven't been very active this week at ALL. I don't like that!
It's funny. I have been going to these workouts for WELL over a year (year and a half??) and I still get nervous going to one. "What if I can't do it?" "What if I am the fattest girl there?" "What if it's too hard and I give up?" On and on... *sigh* maybe one day I will feel confident walking into a physical situation.

Tomorrow night hubs and I are going to have a little date for Valentine’s day. We are going to try a new Vegan restaurant that opened near us. The menu looks amazing, but there is no calorie breakdown. Not sure what to do about that. My current idea is to keep calories SUPER low for the rest of the day, so that I can feel confident I am not going over. Because everything is vegan, I will use other tips like no frying, no breading, ect to make a good choice. When I asked hubby what else he wanted to do, he actually mentioned that we could go to the gym! LOL! How romantic! It's great by me, however! Other options were to go to the casino, see a movie... but honestly, I just want to spend time with him, relaxing (for once!) Time for US and for ME has to be a priority.

I have successfully stayed away from the scale this week. Partly because I know my bug would skew the numbers, and I don't want to be angry when I officially weigh in on Tuesday and I see a different result. All I want is to see SOMETHING. I NEED to see that this new plan is working.


For those of you interested in the protein donuts and "Icing", here is the recipe. It is adapted from Shelly and the "Icing" was a concoction the hubs and I came up with.

Triple Chocolate Protein Donuts (double batch, makes 24 mini donuts):
2 egg, beaten
1/2 cup water
6 tbs sugar free flavored syrup (I used salted caramel!)
1 sugar free chocolate pudding cup
2 tbs canola oil
2 tsp baking powder
1 tbs cinnamon
2 tbs unsweetened cocoa
1 cup chocolate protein powder (I use THIS
1 cup Fiber cereal flour (I use THIS Or a generic store brand. But it HAS to be the "twig" kind.)
In order to make it into flour, grind it up in a food processor.

Mix everything well. It should have the consistancy of brownie batter.
It makes 24 mini donuts. I cook mine in my awesome Donut Maker for 4 minutes each batch.

PB "Icing"
2 tbs natural peanut butter
3-4 tbs plain non fat greek yogurt
2-3 tsp sugar free flavored syrup (I used the salted caramel again!)

Mix this very well until all is incorported.
Spread a small amount on your donuts right before consumption.

The donuts work out to be 47 calories each.
The icing is 250-270 for the WHOLE batch - so depending on how far you spread it will determine your calories.

You can also use Sugar Free chocolate frosting. I tried it, it's yummy, but I didn't like that is was full of saturated fat. No Bueno. Too many calories for no nutrition.

I know this is a super long post. Sorry for that. I guess when I feel better I get chatty. :-)

So, what is on your agenda this weekend? Taking some time for yourself?

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  1. The donuts sound amazing!! I hope you have a great Valentine's Day with your Hubby!!

    Stay focused!