Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

Good morning, Blog-land

Sunday morning. Filled with relaxed, quiet moments, sipping coffee, reading the paper...

Oh, wait, that's not my life! Let me start again...

Sunday morning. Filled with screaming, crabby children with 17 hands, poopy diapers and a husband that is hell bent on getting our second bathroom redone this weekend. Awesome.

But let's revisit yesterday.

I started the day off with a SWEET workout at Tuff Girl. I didn't feel like I was going to see the light during it or anything, but I am SUPER sore today!

I came home to see the downstairs bathroom sink, and counter top on the porch. Umm, oookkk. I didn't know this was happening today! The hubby decided to start ripping apart the bathroom. *sigh*. Ok. So, gather said crabby children and go to home improvement store for flooring and paint. After a very frustrating hour, we were off back home. I'm not going to go into the whole day, but lets just say it involved lots of people over the house, and no time at all for hanging with the kids as I had hoped. I did take them for a walk at one point, even though it was cold, so we could just get out of the chaos that was our home.

Last night was my family's first "ladies night" since Mima passed away. It was wonderful, and a little sad. We all got together, looked at Mimas old pictures, and had a ball.
Of course, there was food. Did you think there wouldn't be?

I made my fabulous mini-bites with lean pastrami and low fat cheddar cheese. I knew my mom was making our light version on buffalo chicken dip (chicken breast, plain Greek yogurt, tiny bit of light blue cheese dressing, low fat cheese and of course, lots of hot sauce).

What else was there? Well, things like fried ravioli, stuffed potato skins, chips, crackers, dips, crescent rolls stuffed with...something... it all looked really yummy.

I, however, stuck with my plan. Some bites, some buffalo chicken dip (with celery I found in my moms fridge)... and that, my friends,is all.

When they busted out the red velvet cookies with cream cheese frosting, and the apple cake? I made myself a Click shake. That, some water, a little diet Dr. Pepper, was my whole menu for the evening.

I must say, I was exceedingly proud. It would have been SUPER DUPER easy to go off plan, with no one ever thinking twice. I stayed my course.

I could get into the fact that 3 other people there have had weight loss surgery and were eating all said items, and drinking, but, I won't. ;-)

Sunday morning blooms to more bathroom fixing. Thank God it is almost done. The house is in shambles and I want my kitchen back (everything from the bathroom went into the kitchen. I could barely make coffee this morning!)

I plan on running today, even though I'm sore from yesterday. It's mostly my upper body.

I could care less about the Super Bowl, but the in-laws are having a Super Bowl Party we are expected to be at. This will mean another food challenge, including some of my favorites (pizza, cupcakes from a local bakery that won Cupcake Wars on Food Network. OMG, they are ridiculous) I'd rather drop off the kids and have some relaxing time with the hubby, but we will see.

Stay the course, my friends! Teetering on the edge of your mountain is one thing - allowing yourself to fall down the mountain only to have to climb back up again is not acceptable! Do not LET it be acceptable for you! You deserve better!

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