Friday, February 24, 2012

Snowy Friday

I woke up (at 4:45 AM, mind you - grrrr) to a snowy day. Now, I live in New England, so this doesn't seen like it should be surprising, HOWEVER, it has hardly snowed at all this winter and I was TOTALLY unprepared.

It was a rough morning with the boys. Thing 2 up at 4:45. Tried to get him calm and relaxed so we could rest a little longer. He would NOT have it. He found it fun to butt heads with me - and he has a HARD head! Thus, I have a headache.

Then he peed on me.

It was time to get up.

I wanted to cry.

Wrestled both Thing 1 and 2 into clothing, running around trying to find winter gear - as yesterday it was like, 55 degrees!

Then, who is whining about breakfast, who is whining about what they have to drink, who is whining about what they are wearing... etc, etc

I totally snapped.

Snapping can only end badly, people. As in, with Thing 1 and I both in tears, Thing 2 looking on clueless (he IS only 18 months, after all) and the hubs storming out of the house to clean off the cars.

Breathe in...Breathe out...

Everyone was pretty quiet the rest of the time getting ready to head out the door. This was a blessing, for sure.

By the time we were slowly making our way down snowy roads toward the boys school, I was much clamer, and regretting my outburst, for sure. I appoligized to Josh - "Baby, I'm sorry I got so frustrated"...

"That's ok Mama, everyone gets frustrated sometimes. And I'm sorry I yelled at you."...

I mean, this kid is not even 5 yet... he is wise beyond me.

I really DO have amazing kids.

After dropping the minions off at school/daycare, I almost got demolished by a plow - who was coming the WRONG way down a VERY small ONE WAY road. THEN, he forced me to back up so he could floor it around me.

I think I saw at least SOME of my life flash in front of me.

After this - doesn't a nice, hot, sweet cup of mocha goodness sound like the perfect remedy?

Yeah, it sounded like that to me too. For about a second.

Then, I came to my senses. And I broke it down:

What do I REALLY need right now?

Well, I am stressed, tired, cold, frustrated and hungry.

Woh. Ok, lots going on here. First breathe deeply a few times.

OK, now. Tired, cold and even hungry to an extent - can be helped by a nice cup of tea. Sugar and chocolate need not have any part of that equation. I felt this was a good choice/decision. I was a little nervous pulling into Starbucks to order a tea - I hoped "Venti Mocha with extra whip" didn't pop out of my mind while I was THINKING "Grande chai tea with skim milk and 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla"

No worries. It didn't. I had a split second thought about chocolate cookies they have there. Thus, the drive-through was a great option. Out of sight, out of mind (well, mostly)

I proceeded to work without additional incident, and treated myself to parking across the street from my office - as my normal 15 minute walk would be doubled with all the snow. While usually I don't mind, I needed a break.

The tea was a fabulous choice. Perfect for what I needed. Got into work, had breakfast.

Addiction - zero.
Me - One.


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