Thursday, January 24, 2013


Good morning!
I’m going into another 12 hr work day and then topping it off with choir rehearsal tonight. I won’t see my babies till I creep into their room when I get home at 9:30 and kiss their sleeping heads. *sigh*. It’s worth it – right? Sometimes I don’t know.
Let me, once again, make clear – I am GRATEFUL for my job, and for the overtime. We really need the funds. It’s only temporary, so we need to take advantage!
Quickly, stat update:
Cals 1007 Fat 27 g Cholesterol 68 mg Sodium 3379 mg Carbs 116 g Fiber 23 g Protein 63 g Sugars 48 g

Yup, this was yesterday. By the time I got home, and made my yummy dinner of salad and chicken breast – it was too late to be hungry for a snack, so my stats dropped quite a bit. Still impressive protein for it, though!

Group Power last night was great. Once again, I tried to push myself with weights. However, I’m still a little confused in this realm. When I am working at Bodyology, and I know I am only doing a move for 40-60 seconds, I can load up and go heavy. With this class, you are working one group of muscles continuously for 4-5 minutes. I don’t want to go so heavy that I can’t make it, but I don’t want to go so light that I feel like I could have done more. Still playing around with this.

I am SO glad I decided to for-go some overtime to get to the class. I need that balance. Tomorrow night is no OT, so I am thinking going in for some cardio and the core class I ended up in last week (thinking it was step – duh! But it was a good mistake!)

Stats for today:
Cals 1054 Fat 30 g Cholesterol 50 mg Sodium 3561 mg Carbs 139 g Fiber 27 g Protein 54 g Sugars 74 g

Yes, this is including dinner – and including too much fruit. However, fruit and veggies are the most portable thing to have on hand right now, and since I won’t be home till 9:30 – it’s all I’ve got on the run. Tomorrow – less fruit (=less sugar)

If I get hungry, I will eat something else. If not, hey, the calories stay low.

I walked into the office this morning and was confronted with a huge tray of fudge brownies. *sigh*. I told my hubby and this was his reaction:

“I think you should yell “SO UNFAIR!!! DEATH TO THE INFADELS!!! I KEEL YOU!!!” and throw the plate against the wall.”

I love him. This is obviously the perfect reaction – even worthy of Norma!!!

I’m sure you have heard how damn cold it is around here already, so I will leave you with this:


 Keep moving forward guys!


  1. I just pictured you yelling that and flinging that plate! Hysterical!