Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year, and stuff!

I feel like as the years go on, Christmas feels less like Christmas. I just don't get that excited, wondrous feeling anymore. I keep waiting for it to happen, and it really doesn't. The price of growing up, I guess.

Anyway, Happy New Year and stuff!

I went to morning spin yesterday and expected the gym to be packed - nope! I guess people are starting their resolutions... today? We will see. I'm in the 5:45 Power class...

I will admit, I am nervous about this class. I wimped out of the last one, opting for some lame cardio instead. I just don't know what to expect, except that it's strength training using barbells and dumb bells. But not knowing what is expected of me makes is what makes me nervous. Well, I'm going to get over it and go do it. Bringing the kids to the play room there (which they love) and go see what it's all about. Will, without a doubt, report back on this class tomorrow.

Eats today have been...

B: oats, PB, banana
S: 2 oz cabot 75% red fat cheese
L: spicy black bean soup, 1 oz feta, 6 baby carrots.
S: 1 oz pretzels (UGH)
D: chick-pea quinoa burgers. Hubby is mixing these up. And some kale chips... yummmmm...

WTF on the pretzels, I know. I felt like, if I didn't have a snack I was going to lose it. Really, Kel? Get over it! I know in some places, all the holiday goodies stop in offices, but NOT in mine! I actually heard someone say they brought in cookies so we didn't "go into shock" without them. W.T.F. So, no cookies or candy that's sitting on the cabinate next to me, but I DID have freaking pretzels. *sigh*. Keep doing better.

The magic of the holidays is all over. What's there to look forward to? MY SURGERY!! 9 weeks, people!
O. M. G. So much to do, to get ready. I know this is NOT going to be a picnic, but I KNOW it will be worth it. Like a whole new start for me. Leaving my former fat girl behind me for ever and ever.

I have a water headache. Ever get those? When I drink a lot of water on an empty stomach, I get a headache. Meh.

OK, peeps - how are you starting this new year off right? 2013 - the year of the CLEAN, LEAN, HOT ASS MACHINE! :-)


  1. My gym was a little more packed today than normal, but not by much. I'm sure it's just like it always is... folks plan on starting TOMORROW.

  2. YES! Lean, clean & hot ass! :-)