Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chugga, Chugga...

Day 3, lovelies and I am certainly feeling better then yesterday. Headaches is not gone, but is much less. Feeling a bit like the Little Engine That Could

 Yesterdays stats ended like this:
Cals 1376  Fat 46 g  Cholesterol 186 mg  Sodium 2996 mg  Carbs 147 g  Fiber 34 g  Protein 92 g
Sugars 50 g
I love these stats. I think they look fabulous and I am very proud. Last nights dinner was really yummy, and after a particularly grueling spinning class, I couldn't WAIT for it. The chicken with almond crust (which I have now called clean crispy chicken bites) ended up to be 388 calories for 4 oz. Protien was amazing, of course. Is anyone is interested in how I did it, let me know and I'll post the details.

Todays workout: Group Power. This is the class I hurt myself in last week. I know better this week and I am not going to shy away from it. I KNOW it will be super good for me and my goals. GIT 'ER DONE.

Todays eats (which will look shockingly like yesterday)
8 oz tea (didn't like this tea at all)
B: ezekeial with PB
23 oz water
S: 1/2 banana, 30 grm edamame
L: 1 cup spicy black bean soup, 1/2 cucumber sliced, with 3 tbs hummus
S: 1/2 oz almonds, 1/2 banana
(Slacking on water - just went to get another bottle)
D: Tempeh and veggie stir-fry with quinoa. This is another new recipe - playing it a little by ear, but it will consist of 3-4 oz of tempeh, 1 cup of stirfry veggies, a few tbs of low sodium soy sauce, and a little olive oil for cooking. 1/2 cup cooked quinoa will fill it out nicely, yes?

The stats for today, including dinner (which will change a little, based on cooking)
Cals 1214 Fat 50 g  Cholesterol 0 mg  Sodium 1860 mg  Carbs 150 g  Fiber 34 g Protein 53 g Sugars 36 g

Again, calories a little low, but as long as I feel ok, I will let this go. If I am super, incredibly hungry after class tonight, I'll find something on plan and within calories.

I made these clean blueberry muffins for my boys from THIS website (NO, I did not have any - 2 non-challenge ingredients in them)... I really thought they would like them. Nope. Thing 1 took one bite and wanted something else, and Thing 2 ate 1/2 of a muffin and then he also asked for something else. Breakfast for them is so tough. It has to be really fast, and preferably portable, not messy and something they like. Thing 1 likes smoothies, but gets tired of them after a day or so. The search continues...

I don't have much more to add except that I am playing catch up with my water from this morning and I'm peeing every 5 minutes. Totally worth it. Striving for between 80-100 oz per day - so far I am working 60. Not too shabby, especially since I'll be gulping at the gym later.

Confession: My hubby is making me feel a little guilty about going to the gym so often. Last night he was not feeling me going to spin right after work, and I could tell, but he didn't actually say it. When I got home I tried to make it up to him by putting together all the lunches and such for today, giving the boys a bath and getting them to bed, making dinner...

We were talking about the gym today and he said he wants to start going in the early morning, which would mean I get the kids up and out alone. I can do that - it will be tough - but I can, especially if it means him getting to the gym. When I asked him why he didn't want to come in the evening, he said he feels guilty bringing the kids over there to play when he hasn't seen them all day. I immediately felt this pang of guilt... Am I being selfish with this? Should I try and do more home workouts after they are in bed?

I don't think I am being selfish. I think being a healthy and strong mamma is important for my kids. They need a good role model as well as time with me. I give them both, I know that. But I hate, for even a moment, thinking that I am not doing right by my babies.

Any other parents out there feeling this pressure?

Moving right along...


  1. I think we all feel that guilt BUT I love that my kids SEE me take time for me and work out when I get home. They may wish I was with them but some day - God willing - they will be parents themselves and hopefully what they saw in me lets them know to take time for themselves and let their kids see them workout just like they saw me so the healthy cycle continues. My kids talk to me the whole time I work out. I'm too out of breath to talk but I listen. I think feeling a little guilt is about being a good parent and always checking feel it and let it go. You're doing great.

  2. Agree with Drazil. I WISH I had taken some time for myself, and to set a better example for them, when my kids were little. FUCK GUILT, Kelliann. From whatever source you're feeling it. You deserve that hour a day, every day, for your life, for your health, for your sanity, for your future. If I could go back 10 years and do something differently, that would be it.

  3. Drazil and Norma gave you spot on advice! I feel guilty for a moment for taking time 5 days a week to run...if I don't do it, I'll gain weight which will bring me back to where I started. The mother who sat on the couch and did nothing but stuff her face. My son deserves better than that!

  4. Yes! I can identify with how you feel and the above comments.

    We are modeling good behavior for our children. It's not like we leave the house 3x a week to go out to the bar with our girlfriends, or mindlessly shop or whatever. We are creating a healthy life...for us, for them.

    Sometimes in the morning when I wake up to go exercise, hubby will roll over and say he misses waking up with me. And I do feel guilty for leaving him. But then I'm like screw it...I will spoon with him tonight! Mama's gotta go and she's gotta go now!! lol