Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Deadlines are looming...

Tuesday – chugging along toward the dreaded work deadline – Friday is the official switch over to our new system, and people are getting very testy
Stats for today:
Cals 1316 Fat 38 g Cholesterol 188 mg Sodium 3935 mg Carbs 141 g Fiber 26 g Protein 92 g Sugars 52 g

Eats for today:
B: quinoa breakfast bake w 2tb PB
S: 4 oz plain greek yogurt with 5 strawberries, diced
L: 1 cup chicken chili, 10 baby carrots, 2 tbs Dijon mustard
S: 6 egg white mini “muffins” (egg whites, kale, red peppers, onion and a little bit of feta – baked)
D: large green salad with cuc, red pepper, green olives, good seasons dressing, made with olive oil and vinegar

Water, water, water, and a little more coffee…

I need to incorporate some more purple and blue into my diet – purple cabbage might be on the grocery list next week. Blueberries for sure

Class tonight. I just printed off my Nutrition II semester’s worth of power-points and it’s as thick as a dictionary. A little intimidating, but the subjects are so awesome – diabetes, childhood obesity, obesity and eating during pregnancy and post partum, heart disease… on and on. I’m a little nervous about the time I will miss from class after surgery, but I am going to speak to my instructor after class tonight. It looks like 1 exam will fall about a week after my surgery, so I am going to ask to take it early. We will see what she thinks. Because of canceling class last night, I won’t get to speak to that professor till next week.

Last night I made it over to spin class, and I was happy I did. I really pushed through the workout and was satisfied. I gave the instructor a fist bump on the way out. She asked me my name – I told her – and she said “really great job tonight”… felt good. I was going to do some box jumps after class, but my legs were wrecked. For safety’s sake, I passed. LoL. I figured I’d end up on my face.

My body aches from working hard this past weekend and yesterday. Makes me very happy. Tonight is a “rest” day because of school. Tomorrow night will be Group Power again, and I think I may try for 15-20 minutes of some cardio thrown in, as well.

I LOVE looking at my arms and seeing muscle definition in my bi’s, tri’s and shoulders. The roundness and solidness of the muscle is beautiful. I can’t wait until I can see them in all their glory after all the extra skin is removed.

I have gotten some questions about what surgical procedures I am having. So, to give you a little idea, HERE is a link for the Abdominoplasty  - this is a standard abdominoplasty, and I am having an extended, meaning I will have one incision as shown, and one vertical from about 2 inches below my breast bone to meet the other incision. Kinda like a big upside down “T”.

The brachioplasty is standard- HERE is a link. The incision will go from the arm pit to the elbow.

I've said it before - it's NOT going to be fun. But after losing so much weight, and the physical, as well as mental/emotional pain this skin inflicts on me daily - it has to go.  It's the literal shedding of my physical fatty-self. The mental and emotional shedding of my fatty-self is on going.

Peace all...

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