Thursday, January 17, 2013


Wow, I just realized its 3:00 and I did not update yet!
I’m happy to post yesterdays stats:
Cals 1115 Fat 41 g Cholesterol 65 mg Sodium 3413 mg Carbs 138 g Fiber 32 g Protein 61 g Sugars 37 g

Over 100 oz of water down, as well.

Calories were under goal again, and while part of me looks at that and relishes in it, I have to be careful. This cannot become a game of “how low can I get my calories”. That sets me up for a binge big time. However, I am feeling very good about it all, and I am going to revamp my calorie goal as “Not over 1400” instead of “Between 1300-1400”.

The weight is coming off. Awesome. I WILL make my goal of 175 by my surgery date: 3/6/13.

Stats for today:
Cals 1191 Fat 37 g Cholesterol 68 mg Sodium 3075 mg Carbs 149 g Fiber 37 g Protein 66 g Sugars 30 g

This leaves room for a snack later. Not sure what it will be yet.

Eats for today (not including my fluids anymore – kinda tedious to include them here everyday, no?):

B: 1 slice Ezekiel with 2 tbs PB
S: 1 chick pea quinoa patty
L: 4 oz chicken breast, 4 tbs salsa, ½ sweet potato
S: 1 chick pea quinoa patty, 1 banana
D: large green salad with peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, 1 cup spicy black bean soup, 2 tbs nutritional yeast

Power last night was great. I upped my weight a little, but not to the point of incapacitation. I worked hard- my body shook with exertion, so I know it was a good time.

Tonight is rest night – church choir for me, staying home for hubby. He’s not feeling well at ALL.

I’ve been looking forward to the upcoming 3 day weekend for WEEKS now. However, the boss just e-mailed and said overtime was available for Monday, and for evenings next week. With the expenses I anticipate for the surgery, overtime is a must. I’m going to do ½ day on Monday and take the rest of the day with the family. Next week, I am going to factor in this not-so-often-offered overtime into my evenings. That may mean no classes at the gym, but some quick intense workouts once I get home.
Striking a balance here is hard. Working overtime is what’s right and needed for my family. Exercising is what’s right and needed for me… I want to do both, of course. But is it feasible? The workout schedule may need to dial down a little, just for next week. However, the last thing I want is to lose momentum…
It’s a toughy, for sure.
I feel like the blog has been boring the past few days – no pics or anything. I’ll try to jazz it up tomorrow.
Later peeps!

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  1. I'm jazzing up mine with pics tomorrow too! You're doing great and it's not boring at all.