Friday, January 18, 2013


Friday, my dears. I’m so freaking happy it is Friday. Let’s get into stats:


Cals 1284 Fat 39 g Cholesterol 68 mg Sodium 3078 mg Carbs 167 g Fiber 39 g Protein 69 g Sugars 31 g

Today (before dinner)
Cals 886 Fat 25 g Cholesterol 68 mg Sodium 1302 mg Carbs 117 g Fiber 21 g Protein 47 g Sugars 37 g

I’m not going to post food today, because I have very little time to write today. However, I have to tell you guys that we had a work luncheon today, and in anticipation, I brought my own lunch, ate it beforehand and had a small plate of salad and water while I was there. It was tough, but I feel really good about it.

You know how you have encounters with people, seemingly random, and it changes your whole day? Or maybe even your whole thought process? I’ve written about this before, and I had such an experience today.

I was walking back to my office, just thinking about how much I wanted to go home after work and NOT to the gym, and I ran into Andrea. I didn’t recognize her at first. She and I had a great workout once at Bodyology. As a breast cancer survivor, she was trying out Tuff Girl workouts for the first time. I told her I was completely inspired by her.

Then we did what anyone in this century would do when you meet someone new. You start following them on Facebook!

Because of some health issues, she has not been able to come back to Bodyology. She stopped me in the hall and told me I was an inspiration to her and that in regards to working out I was the hardest working person she knew.

I’m sorry, what?

This woman, who fought for her LIFE is telling me that I am inspiring to HER??

Well, let’s just say I changed my mind about going home instead of the gym. If this woman is looking at me thinking I am working hard, I am going to damn-well prove her right.

That was just the run-in I needed today to keep moving forward.

So, Step at 5:30. Bodyology in the AM.

Thing 1 starts gymnastics tomorrow. He LOVES gymnastics. He’s taken it before and has a wonderful time. He’s the youngest in the class, and it never bothers him. If he sticks out these few months with it on Saturday mornings at the community center, and still loves it, we are going to enroll him in a gymnastics school and move him deeper into it.

Peace guys – hope your weekend is exceptional.