Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rare Saturday update

Hey guys. You know I don't normally post on the weekend, but I've been feeling pretty down, and I always feel better when I write stuff out.

I wanted to join the Bodyology clean eating challenge. I wanted it for the support factor. A group of people, doing the same plan, striving for similar goals. Support.

Unfortunately, by the time I got the funds together, the challenge group was full. I emailed my trainer, and she was super appologetic, but she said they were already 3 people over the limit, and she just couldn't do it. I felt so let down. On top of the dissapointment, my DOMS was so bad, I was starting to think maybe it was an injury. I stayed home last night, took tylenol and used the heating pad. I even canceled my Tuff Girl workout for this morning, because I couldn't imagine it would feel good enough to really bring it this morning.

I talked with my hubby about my need for support. I feel like when he and I do a plan together, I am always the facilitator, and normally, that's the way I like it, but right now, I need just as much support as anyone else. He totally understood and we decided to do our own challenge starting tomorrow.

I know I have his support, and I know I can also rely on Gods guidance. I truly believe this is something he wants for me- to be healthy and happy. I am learning more and more to place my faith in Him.

The plan is similar to the last challenge:
Veggies, veggies and more veggies. Going back to more salads...
Lean protein, most of which will be vegetarian (beans, legumes, quinoa, tempeh) and fish, some chicken breast
Complex carbs, like sweet potatoes, starchy veggies
6oz plain Greek yogurt
Very little to no dairy. No cheese, except for cottage cheese (1 serving per day)

No SHIT. Sugar, real or artificial, is the biggest no-no for me. No snack foods, no cereals... You know the deal.

Not only are hubby and I doing this plane, but the boys are too. They just don't know it yet. The only difference will be a little more milk for them, and some low fat cheese.

I did all the shopping and feel very prepared. It's going to suck the first few days, of course. But I also know how amazing I feel when I suck it up and do it. It has to be done.

This morning I did spinning, since I could do it with less pressure on my arm. It was great. I pushed hard, and get in a great workout. I also got hubby to join the gym. Total score.

No one is going to do this for me. No one has done it for me up till now. But I know with confidence, strength and reliance on God, I can make this happen. I will make it to the finish line.
Tomorrow I will go to tuff girl. The arm is feeling so much better, thank goodness.
I'm still feeling the need for support, but I also know full well that no one can do this thing for me.

It will all fit into 1300-1400 calories per day (for me, more for hubby)


  1. I think the world went off its axis a bit today because everyone I know, including myself, was just having a blah bad, sad, depressing day. I am sorry that you didn't get into the group you wanted but everything happens for a reason and even if we don't know it God does. I am glad you have your hubby to support you 100% and I am also glad your arm is feeling better. I have never heard of a tuff girl workout. I'm going to have to google that. Chin up and CHEERS to a better Sunday!
    Misc Mom

    1. You are right about that - everything happens for a reason - God has a plan! I have to keep reminding myself, for sure!! Thanks!!

  2. Good for you, Kelliann, for having the idea to do it on your own, for speaking up and asking for a partner to work with you, and for laying out clear, concise, non-negotiable rules. How long is the challenge for? My recommendations, based on your list, is eat as much fish/chicken for protein as you are able to; I know they're not your favorites, but there is a lot more protein in them than there is in beans, quinoa, etc. If you can do 4 ounces of chicken with 1/2 c. of quinoa and 2 cups of dark leafy greens and a cup of colorful veggies, three times a day, you will be golden. I don't know your take on eggs, but egg whites have tremendous nutritional value for very low cals, and 1/2 c. egg whites + 1 whole egg + a plain baked sweet potato is my favorite power breakfast. Keep it to one or two servings of fruit per day, and if one of the servings can be berries, that's a plus. Drinking water is one area where I was resistant and very late to the game, and I have learned my lesson. The inconvenience of frequent peeing is well worth feeling better and flushing fat out.

    If you need extra support, you know I am here. If you want to email me any time ( for anything, please do not hesitate. I will even txt with you for on-call support ("NORMA! Help! My co-worker brought in homemade junk food x, what do I do?") ("Punch her in the face and call her a spy! Then flush junk food x down the toilet and set the bathroom on fire!") if need be.

    It's time to take no prisoners, grrrrlllll. You gotta kill this.

    1. ("NORMA! Help! My co-worker brought in homemade junk food x, what do I do?") ("Punch her in the face and call her a spy! Then flush junk food x down the toilet and set the bathroom on fire!")
      That shit made me laugh SO HARD.
      Norma, you have no idea how much your support means to me. I really look up to you and you are one of the peeps I think of when I am questioning myself (WWND - What would Norma do?). As long as you don't mind, I may take you up on the email thing.
      The challenge is normally 1 week. However, I am doing it for 1 month. There is NO reason not to. I am not removing anything detrimental, and my calories are totally sustainable.
      I totally hear you on the fish and chicken. I was thinking that very same thing last night. I can do fish/shrimp with no problem. Chicken breast will be fine - it's just the ground breast I can't do anymore - blech. So, I'll be doing a combo of bean/legumes and meats.
      You are a rockstar. Thank you so much for everything. Putting together the super detailed plan for todays blog.

  3. I agree on the needing support thing. Normally Im the one supporting my little group of workout people and am the leader but lately I need people around me that are doing more than me, that are inspiring and push me. I just started a beachbody challenge to try to get it - so far so good. Think its awesome that your hubby is stepping up his game. Im definately the pusher between me and my husband too.

    1. It's tough to always have to be the motivator! I'm glad I talked to my hubby and he understands what I am needing right now!

  4. A bit late here, but I love your plan, Kelliann. Good healthy clean foods, you can't go wrong, and I agree there is no reason you shouldn't do it for a month instead of a week. Best of luck, I'll be checking on your progress. I MUST drink more water myself x