Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Snowy Wednesday! My kids schools closed, but my in-laws were kind enough to call and offer to take the kids so I could go to my work training and then into work. I would have LOVED to take a day off with them, but with the new system being implemented at work, (I am a “super-user” which means I am helping a lot of other people operate the new system as it comes into play) and the impending surgery, I knew taking a day was not a smart idea.
Stats for yesterday:
Cals 1232 Fat 38 g Cholesterol 139 mg Sodium 4771 mg Carbs 141 g Fiber 31 g Protein 64 g Sugars 34 g
Over 100 oz of water/tea down as well.
I realized I didn’t type out the menu from yesterday – I guess I just forgot in the midst of my “venting”.
I was really proud of myself last night. After spinning I came home, and hubby had made this awesome shrimp, artichoke and tomato sauce. He made pasta for the kids, but I opted just to have some without. It was really great. Afterwards, he mentioned, (more than once) that he “wanted something” and had the “munchies”… I thought some air popped popcorn might be good, but we were out of kernels. So, I just decided nothing for me. I was under calories, and I could have afforded a snack, but I just decided not to. I was a little hungry and just went to bed instead. It’s a big deal for a food addict to not “feel” something in regards to having or not having food. So, feeling indifferent about it, in the end, made me feel good!
Stats for today – PRE dinner…
Cals 871 Fat 34 g Cholesterol 0 mg Sodium 2075 mg Carbs 125 g Fiber 30 g Protein 37 g Sugars 32 g

Working on water: 60 oz down. J

20 oz water
B: Ezekiel bread, 2 tbs pb
20 oz water
S: 2 chickpea quinoa patties
20 oz water
L: 1 heaping cup spicy black bean soup, 2 tbs nutritional yeast, banana
20 oz water
S: 8 baby carrots, 3 tbs hummus
20 oz water
D: Chicken taco salad (which is a fancy way of saying chicken with salsa over salad.J)

A little update on my “friend” yesterday. She didn’t respond to my comment directly, but I saw in her status she remarked that she made time for getting on her treadmill last night. Of course, I had to comment and let her know I thought that was GREAT. And I DO. Everyone should exercise! The body WANTS TO! It feels GOOD. I was glad for her, and I like to think *maybe* I had a little something to do with getting her out of excuse-mode and getting her moving!

Tonight is Group Power again. I really love this trainer, Joe. He does the Tuesday night spin class too and I just adore his coaching style. Motivating, empowering, no excuses, but never, ever condescending or bitchy.

If I wasn’t married, and he wasn’t married I would have a big crush. *sigh*

Kinda like I have a crush on Steve at Nerd Fitness. *swoon*

I don’t have much more to add. So, I’m out.


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  1. He sounds like a great trainer! And if he's crushable...bonus.