Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend recap

Monday updates are tough, because there is so much to say, but I don’t want to bore anyone. Oh well, it’s my blog and I’ll bore if I want to. J

The first thing I want to talk about was my workout yesterday. It was freaking amazing. Hubby and I brought the boys to my moms and we went to the gym for a TRX workout. We did an awesome, sweaty TRX session and then proceeded to “play” with some other stuff in the area. Weighted sled pushes, dead-lifts, box jumps, jam balls slams… it was awesome. I went up TWO extra steps on my box jump… I didn’t have a tape measure, but it was higher than my knees. I know for some of you that’s not epic, but for me, it is. And I was DAMN proud.

A medicine ball attacked me. LOL. I am used to jam ball slams with a 20 lb ball – this was a 10 lb (couldn’t locate a 20) and I was demonstrating the slam to my hubby. I slammed that ball so hard that it came back and wailed me right in the face. I am SO lucky it was not my nose, or eye. I gave myself a fat lip, my lower lip is bruised and my jaw is quite sore. I have to laugh, though. What a dip-shit!

My workout on Saturday was, of course, awesome… but I had so much fun yesterday working it out yesterday and I LOVED that hubby and I were working hard together.

Stats for today, including dinner:

Cals 1277 Fat 30 g Cholesterol 184 mg Sodium 3262 mg Carbs 151 g Fiber 33 g Protein 95 g Sugars 44 g

I admit to getting off track the end of last week. I weighed in after what I thought was a good week and I was up 2 lbs. Now, I know better than to allow that to leave me deflated, but I did anyway. I got off track. Not too bad, and I’m back in challenge mode. I’m not going to let a small flux like that screw with me. Consistency. Consistency is key. I WILL MAINTAIN MY CONSISTENCY.
School starts back this week – but it’s snowing and sleeting out and they have canceled night classes, so at least I get to go home after work. I briefly thought about staying for OT – but really, if I am going to go out and drive around in the snow – it would be to go to the gym, not stay here late. Hmm… not a bad idea…
The kids were let out of school early – thank GOD for in-laws.
Just signed up for spinning class tonight – as long as I’m not spinning all over the roads on the way home (ba-dum-dum).
I can’t wait to get home.
I made crock pot chicken chili yesterday and that is what’s for dinner. It’s gonna be good. I tried a cinnamon quinoa bake for breakfast – it’s good, but I won’t make it too often. Its more calories than I like to do in the AM and I like my Ezekiel bread with PB just as much.
36 Days till Surgery!!. Holy. Shit. I’ve been thinking a lot about what's next and I am working on it. I talked with hubby about it too, so he is prepared for me afterward. We are working as a team here. I’m really lucky.
Ok, I’m going to stop boring you now. Leaving work in 1 hour and hoping the roads aren’t too bad.


  1. Ugh - kids didn't have school here either due to ice. And AMEN to our hubbys doing this with us - it is sooo much easier that way! Your after surgery ? is very interesting. Do you follow "You would be pretty if"? She just had a full body lift and chronicled every day with pictures!

  2. we don't get school cancelled unless we have a foot of snow :( Your surgery is right around the corner, how exciting!